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“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” –Mother Teresa


Sitting amidst 17 people of varied ages and backgrounds this past Thanksgiving, I allowed myself to be a detached observer of love.

I intentionally chose simply to be in each moment as it unfolded, suspending all judgments—about myself  as a guest and about the many new people whom I was meeting.

Some were strangers to one another. Others had deep bonds of friendships. Together, we shared sweetly in the generosity of the loving home of our hosts Cynde and Craig.

Briefly, my ego would attempt to interject a negative thought. Catching the sneaky, fear-based culprit before it created a downward spiral, I breathed in love instead.

As a highly intuitive person, I know my gut instincts have value. Yet, sometimes first impressions are darn right wrong, as they are often based on past conditioning and not on the situation or person in front of us.

By consciously squelching judgment, I took in the great care of the meal preparation and the uniqueness of each person I met. Later, participating in the candle-lighting gratitude ceremony which preceded dessert, my heart expanded in peace and contentment.

To live in greater love, we must BE greater love.

One of the greatest ways we can fill up our hearts and social circles is to stop judging others. And, if practice makes perfect, choose a party this holiday season in which to discipline yourself to send love, compassion or kindness to each person placed before you.

Support Matters’ Coaching Belief Tips:

(Repeat daily upon waking and a few minutes before going to sleep each evening)

1. I allow myself to know I am lovable.

2. I allow myself to extend my love to another.

3. I allow myself to be in the presence of others without judgment.

4. I allow my heart to be open.

 A special thanks to my coaching colleague Beth Scanzani for today’s blog photo.  Beth, a talented photographer, life purpose and (sleeping) dream coach, has an “eye” for catching the divine in everyday moments.  Her photo of the Chartres Cathedral in France symbolizes the place within each of us, where we can deeply connect to beauty, love and the wonder of man.


“We create and manifest our best outcomes from a relaxed state.”

—Gail Kauranen Jones, Life Coach, Author and Belief Change Expert.

Join Gail in learning some significant mind/body techniques that will help calm you and open your heart to greater love and joy.

During the months of December and January, Gail will be offering a three-session discounted package.

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Take care of you

Your health is one of the best investments you can make!


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  • Cynthia Thornton says:


    Your message makes me think of a quote I heard a long time ago that continually pops into my mind whenever I feel judgment creeping in:

    “When you label me, you negate me.”

    Your post is a wonderful reminder for this holiday season about compassion and kindness.

  • AVA says:

    It would be a better world if we accepted, vs. judged, one another. Thanks Gail for sharing your holiday insights, you’re the best!

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