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God winks*—they often come “just in time”

“God wink: An event or personal experience, often identified as coincidence, so astonishing that it is seen as a sign of divine intervention, especially when perceived as the answer to a prayer.” ~yourdictionary.com

NOTE FROM GAIL: Due to the intensity of these times, I’m sharing a sneak preview of a chapter of my book in development, Space for Grace: The Way Out Is In. I hope this particular chapter will remind you of all the good in the world, which sometimes arrives in our darkest and loneliest moments.

My book is about the inner journey to reclaiming worthiness and taking back your power. Email me at gailjones@claimyourworthiness.com if you want to be on my announcement list when the book is published. I am still looking for a publisher if anyone has connections.

And, please feel free to share a comment or one of your own “God winks” at the end of this post, in the section called “Leave a reply.”


* * *

I just had a big God wink, after writing outside all day at the patio of a local coffee shop, without stopping to eat lunch.

In celebration of a day of hard work and focus, I took myself out to dinner at a restaurant on my way home to kick off what was also my birthday weekend. I lucked out and got the only outside table under a canopy as it started to rain. “Grace,” I thought.

Then I began chatting with the young couple sitting next to me. We shared a few laughs during our lively, fun conversation.

It turns out that this day was the man’s birthday, and he’s a Leo astrological sign like me. I told him my birthday was in two days—and I was missing my children who didn’t live nearby, but that I am glad they are happy.   It’s a mom’s job, after all, to give unconditional love and set our children free to be their best selves, I shared. I didn’t expect, however, that my son would end up moving so far away to Seattle for his dream job!

They nodded and smiled, as if relating to both my son, who is probably five years younger than them, and me.

We later said cheers to each other before they left.

A few seconds later, the waiter comes over and hands me 40 dollars cash. He said the couple I was speaking with wanted to pick up my lunch. They watched from their car, a brand new Infiniti (a fun mirror of material abundance), as the waiter handed me the cash. They gave me a high five and drove away. Joyfully stunned, I shed a tear of gratitude, totally taking in this precious moment of loving-kindness.

More “grace.”

How’s that for validation of my book title, and that God always provides?

We just need to leave “space for grace,” which seems to come in a vulnerable moment—like a birthday weekend feeling alone away from family, when you have run out of money and need a sign you are on the right path, or you find yourself in over your head (or knee deep in water) as the stories below show.

The date check

A few years before, after relocating to North Carolina from Arizona, I was trying to secure an apartment while living with a friend, feeling it was time to be on my own.

New to the area and recovering financially from bootstrapping my last book, I was rebuilding monetarily. In this region, I was told people don’t hire you for coaching until they get to know you for a while (like six months or longer sometimes), which was different than Boston and Arizona where I previously lived. So, I ended up working part-time at a local hardware store as a cashier and coaching for a national telemedicine company. However, hours were inconsistent which limited my income.

A new friend here introduced me to a man she suggested I may enjoy dating. He and I met for lunch and had a long, engaging conversation. Yet, our lifestyles were vastly different. We both knew that there was a block to our compatibility. Nonetheless, I valued that he was a brilliant, kind man who also loved hearing about my worthiness mission, and my dream of bringing my work to kids and young adults one day.

Walking back to the parking lot, he asked me to stop by his car for a minute. He went inside and wrote me a check for $1,000.00, and said, “There are no strings attached here. Go get that apartment.” It was a pure random act of kindness, as we never saw each other again.

I have many more examples of years before being touched by grace.

Here are a few that stand out:

  • Chariot to a new life—I literally bumped into a man while walking one morning on the road near an oceanside path before writing for the day (my other book, Cancer as a Love Story). “Be careful, it’s a dangerous curve,” he said, to which I responded, “Yeah, but it’s worth it, look at the view.” We stood at the dangerous curve talking for a good 30 minutes, which later led me many months later to relocating from Boston to Arizona to be with him. Our relationship did not last. Yet, it was in Arizona where I trained with world-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza and met many other healers post cancer who supported my choice of combining conventional and alternative medicine. I now teach some of those leading-edge approaches to a diversity of clients all over the world.
  • Years earlier, I had to sell my marital home. There was a series of several incredulous losses around the house sale (detailed in my book)—including the interference of a pregnant raccoon. This mom-to-be decided to enter my home through the chimney the week before I was set to place the property in the more lucrative, spring housing market.   After the raccoon issue was resolved (and living with baby raccoons whining through the walls for weeks), the housing market plummeted due to the recession. In the final sale, I lost all of what was slated for my retirement savings. One day, a few months later, I found an envelope with $25O cash in the mailbox of the new rental home where I was living. The anonymous handwritten note on top read, “Good things happen to good people.” That kindness carried me a long way as I began rebuilding my life. 
  • The day my basement flooded: One stormy evening, my basement flooded with the water rising to dangerously high levels near my boiler. Definitely one of THE scariest times of being a single mom, I could not pump out the water myself. My daughter was away at college and I also feared for my son’s safety if I asked for his help. At 2 a.m., I called Service Master, a water cleanup service. When the doorbell rang, I was terrified who would appear in the wee hours of the morning, feeling vulnerable as a woman allowing a stranger into my home at that hour. Get this nod of grace: The man who showed up was named “Angel.” He pumped out my basement for an hour. Then, he reconnected the sump pump that had come apart, which caused the overflow. He left without writing an invoice or taking any payment or tip from me. “It’s on me, ma’am,” he said.

I hope you don’t miss these kinds of miracle moments, where there is a common thread of our needs being met in unplanned ways.

They increase in frequency, I have found, when you stay true to who you are, are honoring your calling, live from your heart and/or are sharing honestly and vulnerably.

Trust in the goodness of life, and the many people who truly care.

With love and gratitude,


To sign-up for my 6-session, 1-to-1 coaching package: Claim Your Worthiness-Change Your Story from the Inside Out and Transform Your Life,” email gailjones@claimyourworthiness. Special discount offered to those who sign up by Labor Day, Sept. 6. Great way to kick off fall centering in yourself, and being lovingly witnessed and supported through change.

* (ORIGIN OF GOD-WINK: God + wink; coined by SQuire Rushnell, author of a series of books that include the phrase “When God winks– in the title.” ~From Wiktionary)

Sharon Spector captured the above photo while taking a walk in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She says the yellow flower, which was growing by itself through a rock, winked at her “as a reminder that we shine in improbable places.” To see more of Sharon’s work, email sharingjoy@ymail.com.



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  • Brenda Fernandes says:

    Very touching story. So beautifully written.You are an amazing angel yourself Gail. So blessed to have connected with you. With your guidance I have learnt a lot about myself and about forgiveness. I wish you all the best with your new book.x

    • Gail Kauranen Jones (“Coach Gail Jones”—Your worthiness expert) says:

      I’m glad it touched you, Brenda. And it was such an honor to have coached you–another “angel” working on the front lines as an ER nurse in the UK. Bless you for all you’ve done for the world in your unique ways. Your heart is so big! oxo, Gail

  • Vanessa says:

    Beautifully written. I love the grace in receiving these unexpected treasures. The stories bring hope and light. Thank you xo

    • Gail Kauranen Jones (“Coach Gail Jones”—Your worthiness expert) says:

      Thanks, Vanessa: Coming from another writer, your words mean a lot to me. Thrilled you felt the hope and light that I intended to portray. Blessings, oxo, Gail

  • Debbie says:

    Gail, Thank you for sharing this beautiful chapter of your upcoming book, and your life–and the gentle reminder to be aware of those precious God Winks and all the Love that’s around in my life.

    • Gail Kauranen Jones (“Coach Gail Jones”—Your worthiness expert) says:

      Debbie: I appreciate your feedback on the first share of my book in development–and that it helped awaken you to the God winks in your life. Blessings, oxo, Gail

  • Lisa Langaker says:

    Wow reading your ‘snippets’ was like a breath of fresh air! I haven’t been keeping up so THANK YOU for sending me this current blog. So precious and personal that you shared those treasured God winks with all of us. God is using you and blessing you and you of all people really deserve it. You are such an encourager and have such a beautiful way of sharing your experiences. I’m excited to read your new book!!

    • Gail Kauranen Jones (“Coach Gail Jones”—Your worthiness expert) says:

      Lisa: Thanks for your kind words, and validation of my nudge to share this excerpt now to encourage others. The writing for this book is flowing in a way I haven’t experienced on such a consistent basis before–a sign that this is truly meant to be, to help light the ways for others during these huge transformational times. Trusting it will all come together much quicker than my previous two books–and also staying committed to enjoying the creative process. Blessings, oxo, Gail

  • Gail, you have a great gift for putting personal stories into words that touch the hearts of your readers. I have no doubt your book will be amazing and offer hope and possibilities to many people, especially during these transitory times. Thank you for putting yourself out there with this beautifully engaging sample chapter—it takes courage to be visible with a new work of creativity. Well done!

    • Gail Kauranen Jones (“Coach Gail Jones”—Your worthiness expert) says:

      Thank you, Michael. Glad my sample chapter made an impact on you, and your encouragement means a lot as I move forward to birth “this baby”–my third book, but each one requires its own form of love, attention and courage. Blessings, oxo, Gail

  • Doug Campbell says:

    What wonderful tales of compassion and caring!
    All too often, we gravitate towards stories of pain and suffering. It’s very uplifting and refreshing to read about your God winks! It renews my faith in my fellow man!

    • Gail Kauranen Jones (“Coach Gail Jones”—Your worthiness expert) says:

      Thank you, Doug: Glad you found those tales of others’ kindness, compassion and goodness so uplifting. With blessings and gratitude, Gail

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