Angels of Light


“It’s always darkest before the dawn.”—Proverb quote

As our days are getting physically lighter, I have noticed people’s moods improving as well.  My spirits continue to rise as I take time to notice all the angels who have appeared in my life.

These angels have come in many forms, and expressed themselves in unique ways.  I have met many of mine—or perhaps was most open to receiving them—when I hit a wall, or what looked like rock bottom at the time.

One who was even named Angel appeared in the middle of the night following a torrential wind and rain storm that blew out the power.  No kidding. Angel arrived as the water level in my flooded basement was approaching dangerously high levels close to the boiler.  I had just called ServiceMaster, a disaster recovery firm, and chatted with a kind man on the other end of the phone who spoke broken English.  This man assured me he would be there within minutes.  He arrived with a smile, calming the panic in me and respecting my maternal instincts of not wanting my son to wade in water with me to empty the water.

After pumping out the basement, humming as he took control, Angel left with that same smile in which he entered my home.  He took no payment for his 2 a.m. emergency call to my house.  That incident was two years ago.

A few years before that, on a day after a snowstorm when my mother was being hospitalized for the umpteenth time and my nerves were totally frazzled, a friend appeared at my doorstep, shovel in hand.  Mind you, this friend is probably all of 5’2’.  She shoveled away with a grace and determination that reminded me in every cell of my body what love entails: being there for another through thick and thin.

Many of us, me included, have had many more “thin” times these last several years.  I particularly respect other single mothers who are often called to be stronger than they ever imagined they would have to be.  House maintenance issues sometimes bring us to what feels like the breaking point, after taking care of so much else solo, particularly the well-being of our children.

I have since learned that those breaking points were my wake-up calls to reach out and ask for help.  We are not supposed to do this journey alone, feeling separated from others.  We are all connected, part of a greater whole, and we all have gifts to share.  Giving AND receiving are part of the flow of life.

The man who loved me through downsizing and physically moving my home was given in return my coaching insights and spiritual depth.  The exchange was “equal” although not contracted that way, except by the divine plan of the Universe for us to be there for one another during that time in our lives.  I landed in a new home, and he said he became a better person for having known me, that I taught him how to love.

The woman from my business networking group who reached out eight years ago when I was feeling fragile in my newly single state after a long-term marriage,  gave me an angel on a chain which still hangs in my home office.  I later became her coach, and today we are dear friends.

My list of other angels is expansive, from my mentor coach who so willingly and consistently gave of her time, to the many friends who contributed in their own generous ways from cooking talents, computer help and listening skills to anonymous monetary gifts, client referrals and other significant contacts.

It is often through our vulnerability, or what feels like dark moments in our lives, that we open our hearts to these others, who become our angels.

The ways I have been “fed” by all these angels has lifted me to new levels of service, where I want to spread my own light in greater and more focused ways.

 I welcome roots and an anchor from which to continue soaring, healthy collaborations with like-minded others, stability amidst change and a new flock of prosperity angels who help me up the ante as I give back so much of what has been given to me.


 1.  I allow myself to let in angels of support, knowing receiving is part of the flow of life.

 2.  I allow myself to be an angel of giving, sharing my unique gifts so others can prosper under my wings.

 Beth Shedd’s photo of the light shining through the darkness represents the rays of hope that come from giving and receiving support from the angels among us.





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  • Deb says:

    Gail – wonderful message when so often it feels like we have to “do it all” by ourselves, pull ourselves up our own bootstraps, etc. Great reminder that the illusion of separateness is just that – an illusion. Thanks so much for being one of my inspiring angels over the years.

    • Gail says:

      Deb: I am glad I have touched your life and inspired you over the years. Your joy and kindness have consistently touched my life as well. Happy day to you. Gail

  • Nancy says:

    Inspiring, Gail. Thank you for the reminder to look for and acknowledge the angels among us … not to mention, to be an angel to another when the opportunity arises.

    • Gail says:

      You’re welcome, Nancy. It is through our sense of interconnectedness that we thrive best. I encourage clients when they hit moments of despair to find a way to reach out and get connected. Join a networking group, volunteer, participate in a group exercise activity, or invite a colleague to lunch. I have found many “angels” and been an angel to others through playing tennis, which surprisingly opened up many connections for me. Also, the more self-revealing we allow ourselves to be, the more we can become open to others in profound ways. Feigning perfection or total self-sufficiency blocks connection. Gail

  • Dijana Winter says:

    After reading your beautiful message,I was left with a sense of how richly blessed you are. Thank you for your uplifting story.

  • Dick says:

    Hi Gail, My mother (who brought up 13 kids on a shoestring – although we never knew it) always used to say to us, “I never worry about money or physical things because God steps in when you need Him.” I am not religious, but spiritual, and I beleive that people come into our lives for a reason. The people who stepped into your life when you were on the edge, my mother would tell you were there because God knew you needed help. I have had examples of that in my life that are too numerous to mention – including you stepping into my life at an important time – to not believe that my mother was right!

    • Gail says:

      Dick: Thank you for sharing the inspiring story from your mother, and for letting me know that I stepped into your life at an important time. Again, it’s all about trust. We never know “how” or “when” our angels will arrive. Our only part is stay open to receiving–particularly for those of us who were conditioned from early years to be “givers.” We need the flow, the circle of giving and receiving, to fully thrive. I wish you and your business much continued success. Gail

  • Mary Ann says:

    I am welcoming angels especially this Thursday …contempt hearing with my ex. I too have had so many angels appear (I divorced five years ago) and have learned to look for signs and stay open to receiving help. I believe I am a giver but I also believe that may make it too easy for people to hurt me……trying to find that balance and learn how to trust others has not been easy! Thanks for your help, your messages always appear when I need them, perhaps you are my angel? Your words…..they mean a lot. Mary Ann

    • Gail says:

      Mary Ann: I am grateful my message arrived in a timely manner for you. Best of luck on Thursday–and remember to stay centered in self-love. Our strengths and victories must first come from within, as you know so well and have articulated before. I will pray that you feel divinely supported, in feeling your own power versus that of an external circumstance. Keep me posted. Gail

  • Alice greene says:

    You have been an angel to many others yourself Gail, when they needed help. The beauty is that we are all angels when we respond with unconditional love. I am glad we have both been that to each other throughout the years.

    • Gail says:

      Thank you, Alice. I also appreciate your great insight about the beauty of us all being angels when we respond with love. Gail

  • ALISON says:

    This is so beautifully written and I know has already and will continue to touch others in a meaningful way. You have a true gift and talent, I hope that your work continues to spread and bring light to many peoples lives.

    • Gail says:

      Alison: I am most grateful that you were so touched by my words, and that you see in them one of my missions: to spread light, joy and hope to others. Gail

  • Christine Rothman says:

    Gail every time I receive your newsletter I smile, your words always give me a lift to start the day! This newsletter is particularly close to my heart as it is something I preach to my kids or maybe they view it as nagging! But every kindness, no matter how small, that we do is often much more meaningful to the recipient and it usually takes very little effort. If we get used to paying it forward this way it makes it so much easier to help during difficult times and what we get back usually comes from the most unlikely sources.
    Thanks again for my daily smile!

    • Gail says:

      Thank you, Christine–particularly for sharing with us how you teach your children to “pay it forward.” I am grateful my blog/newsletters touch your life in so many ways. Happy day to you. Gail

  • Beth says:

    Gail…Reading your blog this evening brought a warm glow to my heart. As I sit here, I feel its radiant glow and see it expanding out into the world. Allowing ourselves to live in the place of giving and also opening to receiving, is a precious gift to ourselves and the world. Thank you…for the gift of reading this and feeling my heart open today. Beth Scanzani

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