Are you blooming where planted?

The thoughts that roam around inside our heads, as well as where we live and the people we surround ourselves with, play an integral role in our health and well-being, as shared in more detail in my book in development.

Knowing we have choices about each of these is empowering.  It’s also freeing to remember that our sense of love and fulfillment is never continent upon one person.  There are 7.1 billion people on this planet.  Aligning with those who value us helps us thrive.


Gail - health environment blog graphic

For me, moving to the desert was but another shedding of old skin to make room for new possibilities to bloom in greater health, more experiences of unconditional love from a diversity of people, and a deeper connection to myself.

The shifts occurred slowly as there is often a waiting period to fill up with the grace of a new beginning, or what I now see as a purification process.  I am so excited to continue sharing in the weeks ahead the many resulting insights coming forth.

Thanks to Beth Shedd of PhotOptimist for her beautiful photographic.



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