Blooming into Spring with New Life



Safety doesn’t lie in what’s familiar, even though we want to believe the status quo supports us. We are most ‘safe’ when we are fully engaged, feeling alive,  and risking full expression of ourselves beyond where we have been. TRY SOMETHING NEW TODAY.”

–Gail Kauranen Jones, Life Coach, Author/Writer, Belief Change Expert.

  Eagerly awaiting  for many possibilities to unfold, I sit quietly today in gratitude appreciating the simple moments of life. 

Like I advise my clients to do, I have taken many daily actions of  trying new things  or approaching tasks or challenges in new ways. 

Right now, I am in the incubation stage, while also resting and integrating from all I have put forth.  Wishing you, my readers and clients, a very happy spring. 

Going forward, I will be sharing my own short “words of wisdom” sporadically through this blog, in addition to my more in-depth, bi-monthly articles.

 Beth Scanzani’s photo of “life in full bloom” brilliantly  inspires us to believe in the possibilities we can bring forth by trying something new.


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  • Patty says:

    I am going to start “trying something new” every day. Just think about the possibilities. Someone used a great word in a meeting I was in today and said, “We need to cobble our teams together”. I left the meeting with a new partner and new opportunities, and love the idea of cobbling my skills with other people’s skills. It will fit together nicely in one sweet pie!

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