Bye, bye winter

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“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”

 —Anne Bradstreet

Many of us are more than ready to say good-bye to what has seemed to be a longer, darker and harsher winter than most.

Like with anything that no longer serves us, it is often best to release it by lovingly letting it go versus resenting its existence.

Winter is more than a season of nature; it is a season of our soul’s growth.  Just as trees lose their leaves, we often get to do our inner shedding during the more introverted winter months.

The gains of this personal development work sometimes are not seen visible in the world until months or even years later.  Winter is a season of great patience.

Alone with ourselves more frequently, we also may feel feelings that have been suppressed during the preceding hectic holiday months.  A time for taking inventory, winter prompts us to review our past or plan for a rebirth.  Some of us may be grieving loved ones we lost or failures we endured.  Others may be re-capping successes or creating foundations for making new dreams come true.

Intuitively, we know we need this rest to catch up on where we are in life, which is why we, like animals, seek to hibernate more frequently at this time of the year.

However, this year many of us were forced inside more than we wanted due to frigid temperatures and poor road conditions from numerous storms.  Too much alone time can sometimes lead us to a nit-picking, fault-finding mission that spirals us down into negativity.

Even those of us skilled at re-focusing our thought patterns to more positive ones can get stuck in the swirl of despair from too much isolation and lack of connection.

To make a shift now as we eagerly wait for spring–a beautiful, hopeful season of new beginnings–try these approaches:

  • Surround yourself with positive, caring people who lift you up.
  • Do something nice for someone else–everyone can use a random act of kindness (and staying anonymous makes it even more fun).
  • Get outside and enjoy the healing power of nature.
  • Physically move your body, whether by walking, yoga or going to the gym.
  • Allow yourself to honor and release your feelings by journaling, meditating or sharing with a friend you trust.
  • Join a new group of like-minded others, whether it be a book club, networking meeting, or cooking class.
  • Become your own best friend and accept yourself “as is,” a work in progress, who embraces without judgment and much compassion life as it unfolds before you.

May all your lives expand in light and sunshine going forward.

To new beginnings,



1.         I allow myself to re-connect with others and life, bringing forth the insights of winter.

2.          I allow myself to be and stay physically active.

3.         I allow myself to stay open to possibilities that a new season of life brings.

The photo of the smiling tortoise, taken by a friend during her recent trip to Mesa, Arizona, reminds Gail of those of us who are happily crawling out of a long winter.

If you would like help integrating new thoughts, beliefs or dreams for the new spring season (or release past ones that no longer serve you) CALL GAIL TODAY AT 978-325-1911.  Or, email her at TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HER UNIQUE COACHING PACKAGES.








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