Carried forth naturally


“Let life happen to you. Believe me: life is in the right, always.” –Rainer Maria Rilke

Drifting and floating along after a life-altering year of putting myself on the line in so many new ways, I am in touch with a new sense of freedom.

Fourteen new workshops, three speeches and thirty-two blog posts later, I have taken many professional leaps. Knowing I have done my part to bring forth new outcomes (which means honoring and acting on hunches, even when they forced me to leave my comfort zone), I am laying low and observing how the Universe partners with me. Magnificent connections, high profile possibilities and fun opportunities continue to appear. I also evaluate lighter, more social and playful avenues for expression.

Observing all before me with a slight sense of detachment, life is becoming intriguing, and at times, feels magical. Discerning more clearly about what lights me up versus drags me down, I am more protective of my time, and selective about the people with whom I associate. Considerate, thoughtful, and responsive people enliven me– as do work projects and clients who generously compensate me for my expertise and commitment to excellence. Listening more patiently to what feels like a “yes” or a “no,” I explore many options. By not willing answers, I trust in the wisdom of my body, not responding until it feels calm.

With a clearer sense of my value gained from increased feelings of peace and centeredness, I see the parade of people who have passed through my life from a new perspective. The gifts acquired from these relationships and the lessons learned all are part of my make-up now. Some helped me reclaim lost parts of my self; others taught me how to set better boundaries, assert my needs or instill more fun in my life. Before giving or tolerating too much now, I pause more frequently and tune into my gut instincts. Sometimes, I still need to forgive myself or others for not listening or responding carefully enough.

By nurturing myself in the same manner in which I advise clients (and doing some internal clearings of my own), I created new habits that I hope to carry with me in the increasingly busy days ahead. These are some of the ways I fill myself up:

• Send spontaneous notes of kindness and appreciation to others.

• Read uplifting material every morning and night.

• Break up routine by walking my dog in new places to expand my energy beyond my home base, from which I have worked 19 years.

• Indulge in at-home vacations, where I stay in PJs (God forbid UPS knocks on the door) meandering slowly through the day in quiet and at peace with no “to do” lists.

• Initiate contact and plan evenings out with old friends I have not seen in years, which is a great way to mark change and growth, and also get feedback. It is particularly great to have friends of the opposite sex who can provide other viewpoints on the male-female courting rituals (or lack of them sometimes).

 • Take new classes that keep my skills sharp or my passions alive. By playing instructional tennis twice a week I get to be a learner versus a teacher, which replenishes my giving nature.

From this increased sense of fullness, I am letting go more and observing which way the river of life is carrying me, accepting each moment as it unfolds. When I hear a whisper to act, I do. And in the times of waiting and not knowing which direction or option to pursue, I allow myself to be, disciplining myself to stay centered on loving thoughts.

To be carried forth naturally, I finally learned to stop pushing the river.


1. I allow myself to be pulled along, listening and waiting quietly and lovingly for direction.

2. I allow myself to consistently nurture myself so I can better approach each person or opportunity from a greater sense of love and fulfillment.

Beth Scanzani’s photo of floating leaves on Lake Quannapowit in Wakefield, MA captures the soft contentment of allowing oneself to be held and carried by nature’s flow.  


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  • Sarah says:

    Enjoy your sense of peace and quiet reflection.

  • Cynthia says:

    Beautiful post, Gail. Very peaceful. I love your ways of filling yourself up.

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