Changing the pace

“The pace of change and the threat of disruption creates tremendous opportunities.”

~ Steve Case, entrepreneur, investor, and businessman best known as the former chief executive officer and chairman of America Online.


Many of us are feeling a new energy in the world after the inaugurations this past week of our new president and vice president of the United States.

Regardless of your political preference, there is no doubt a sense of great change.

Change can rattle us, but it also brings new possibilities. Staying open-minded helps us grow, sometimes in ways we could have never predicted.

Looking within at your own new story for 2021, are there some changes you could make that give you renewed hope, or help you get better aligned personally or professionally?

Here are a few tips for changing it UP:

  • Try talking less and listening more. Really take time to hear another’s point of view before rushing in with quick judgment. You may be surprised what you learn not only about another person, but also about yourself.
  • Relish and make time to keep the slower pace many of us embraced last year when the pandemic brought us inward. Slowing down gives us time to access greater wisdom from within.
  • Do something new every day or week that keeps you engaged with growing. Try a new recipe, overcome a technical challenge, or walk a different route.
  • Choose love over fear. When challenged, ask: “What would love do here?” Sometimes the love action is quiet, like sending a prayer to someone who has hurt you or who is hurting.

For those who didn’t receive my recent “Green lights” blog, with a few other significant questions to ponder for creating anew, here is the link again. We have changed email servers to move beyond past technical glitches. Please be sure you have in your approved email contact list.

Going forward, I am changing the pace of my blog posts to accommodate a blend of coach offerings.  These include new podcasts and monthly group coaching programs.

I will now be distributing my blog posts TWICE MONTHLY. The next one after today’s will be February 7. In between, you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram at Coach Gail Jones to see other brief insights I post.

Here is the lineup of my next podcasts. I hope you will subscribe:

  • January 29:  I will be speaking about “Making friends with the unknown.”


In the spirit of our upcoming Valentine’s Day month:

  • February 2:  I will be joined by guest Linda Salazar, who will be sharing unique insights on “Honoring Your Love Imprint.”
  • February 9:  I will be joined by guest Gary Salyer, who will teach us key ways to “Build SECURE love.”

Next month, on Feb. 21st, I also am offering an empowering new GROUP COACHING ZOOM CLASS called: “Creating a new visual for attracting or deepening love, from the inside out.”  We will learn empowering words and images specifically for creating our own “LOVE BOARD.”

It is the first in a four-part program, “Using the vision board as a catalyst for change.” I designed this program to build community, which helps improve our chances of manifesting our intentions by 76 percent. The fee for the new February session of the group class is $50.  Email to register or learn more.

PLEASE NOTE:  This next ZOOM group meeting will be interactive, and we will be able to see each other’s faces.  It is also 30-minutes longer than the original special introductory session held Jan. 17th.  This extra time has been allotted to allow for more engagement and group coaching.  I also will be offering an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) clearing, to collectively release blocks to experiencing our deepest sense of love. 


To pacing ourselves as we expand and grow, hopefully together, which keeps us stronger.

In expanded hope and joy,



I took the above photo of the full moon by Lake Crabtree in Cary, North Carolina, following a hike in December. Spiritually, the full moon is considered a powerful time of creativity and gratitude for the beauty of life.  It is also a time to let of go anything that no longer fuels the greatest vision of your soul.




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  • Doug Campbell says:

    Hi Gail

    Great tips for helping us to navigate through these emotional changes and times!

    I especially love the tip, ” What would love do here?”

    Too many times we react to a situation through our gut, on an emotional level, rather than to think through things and respond in a clear and rational way.

    As the old say goes, ” you can’t un-ring the bell after it’s been rung!”

    Great tips, as always!

    • Gail Kauranen Jones (“Coach Gail Jones”—Your worthiness expert) says:

      Thanks, Doug–Glad you enjoyed that question on love. Blessings, Gail

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