Changing venues

our apt in Scottsdale“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

—Walt Disney

Sometimes we need to shake up our lives a bit to accommodate our soul’s desire for growth.

When I left the town in which I raised my children for 20 years to move to the seaside community of Newburyport, Mass., (see related blog Downsizing into a Bigger Life), I was honoring two of my soul’s promptings:

  1. Choosing to LIVE more fully engaged with community by residing within walking distance of a vibrant downtown. I loved walking to all my errands and part-time job, as well as coaching clients and writing in local cafes.
  1. Experimenting with life as an empty nester by aligning with others embracing change and new ways of being. I thoroughly enjoyed evenings out dining and dancing, concerts on the waterfront, Sunday Farmers’ Markets and attending numerous other local events. In many ways, I got to relive developmentally, free without responsibility, the teenage years that seemed to have gotten lost in taking care of an ill parent. Spontaneous play, stepping out of the box into new situations, working any hours I could without rushing home to make a meal for a child, were huge parts of recreating my life seaside in one of Massachusetts’ smallest cities.

I am grateful for the 19 months I lived in Newburyport, a place I will fondly remember as my launching pad for connecting to a bigger world after a few prior inward years of deep introspection and healing. Newburyport and nearby Plum Island are great places to meet others in major midlife transitions. Who knows? I may even choose to return part-time for summers if I cannot adjust to the high heat here June through September.

I am taking many of my Newburyport gains with me as I settle into Scottsdale, Arizona, appreciative that I now live in walking distance to a beautiful lake, biking and walking trails, my new hairdresser, and a cozy coffee shop next to a lush greenway where I can write.  Waking up surrounded by mountains with great hikes 15 minutes away is another perk.

However, this move West is serving my soul’s growth in another way. Besides embracing “An Adventure of the Heart” as described in recent blogs, living in Scottsdale is bringing me the peace I set as an intention for this next juncture of life. Life is quieter here. The weather feels more nurturing to my health and well-being than harsh New England winters. People in general seem more laid back, less in a hurry, and it has been much easier to connect with spiritually minded healthcare professionals who honor my path.

Serendipitously, I keep meeting many others who also see peace as their priority. A woman about 15 years younger than me who I met at the Phoenix airport a while back relocated a decade ago from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to Scottsdale. She said the two places are vastly differently. Portsmouth and Newburyport are livelier, she claimed, but Scottsdale offers a type of tranquility (even amidst long stretches of shopping malls) that gives her much peace.

Yesterday, I was enjoying a massage that my future son-in-law gifted me for Christmas (a great, thoughtful present after spending 10 hours a day driving cross-country).  Coincidentally, my massage therapist said she is working with a colleague who delivers divinely guided messages of peace each day. I hope she shares them with me one day. Living in peace is also an intention and priority of the massage therapist, who I believe may become a new friend and colleague.

Each day I feel a stronger sense evolving of who I am and why I am in Scottsdale. In silence, the word “TRUST” keeps coming up, prompting me forward in even greater peace.

There are still huge transition moments of everything feeling uncomfortable and unfamiliar, liking learning to drive in what the locals call “a grid” with few outstanding landmarks as every building and shopping mall looks the same.   In fact, I had my own “move meltdown” shortly after arriving that I describe in next week’s blog.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, take a moment to ask yourself if there is a new door in your life waiting to be opened. Where is your soul prompting you to grow?

The answer may or may not involve a move. It could entail shaking up a career or risking loving in a new way. Sit in silence and “be” with yourself a bit and allow for your own guidance to come forth.

Happy New Year!  Get inspired to make your own change: Sign up for NEW COACHING PACKAGES for 2015 offered via phone or locally in Scottsdale while walking the greenway! Call me at 978-325-1911 for more information or to reserve a spot.

In peace,



1. I allow myself to honor my soul’s calling for change.

2. I allow myself to set intentions from the wisdom that comes in silence.

3. I allow myself to stay curious about my life unfolding in new ways.

My new Scottsdale venue, pictured above, is a transition home in a beautiful apartment complex, where the joys of new discoveries of self emerge.  




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  • Margi says:

    I just got a big AHH and let out a beautiful breath when I read your newest blog installment. I am honoring a lot of silence and curiosity into my days as I work on a creative Inner Alchemy online workshop. Building my open and creative like-minded tribe.

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Margi: Your new online workshop sounds great. I can’t wait to hear more about it. And yes, open-minded and creative tribes help us honor our dreams and move through fear to action to success. And the best part is when we reach our new goal, we have a team to celebrate with us!!! Congrats on your new project.

  • Cathy says:

    Congrats on your move, Gail. I had no idea. I wish only wonderful things for you in your new adventure…

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Thanks, Cathy: We never know where we will be “called” to be. The energy of this area feels in total alignment with my book, which I’ve been working on nearly full-time again since settling in. Keep in touch. It’s so nice to hear from friends back East:) Gail

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