“Gail’s gift is the way she intuitively selects the right words to help shift thoughts and beliefs for greater success. She catches quite quickly all the internal blocks from the past. With wisdom and compassion, she empowers you to live the life of your dreams and uses leading-edge, personal growth tools to help you get there.”

–Marta Tracy, (www.martatracy.com)
TV & Media Strategist, Executive Producer, Author of Starring You! The Insiders’ Guide to Using Television and Media to Launch Your Brand, Your Business and Your Life

“Working with Gail is slightly addictive. I so look forward to each session because she helps me bolster my self-awareness, uncover internal blocks, and stay on track with focus and accountability towards reaching new goals. She helps me reaffirm my sense of competence, which is so crucial during the start-up phase of a growing business when so much risk is involved and it takes time to produce results for long-term profitability. She gets what being an entrepreneur is all about, and also helps me see my own leadership and visionary skills, along with the unique talents I bring to my business.”

–Bruce Vogel, owner, Business EVision, a leading-edge marketing company, Newburyport, MA

“Gail Jones is an inspired coach, group facilitator, and writer who is an expert on transition and conscious life choices. She is the inventor of the Rewriting the Script (RTS) technique which helps clients cut through emotional blocks and the author of the courageous book, To Hell and Back…Healing Your Way Through Transition (2004). I highly recommend Gail as an enlightened soul and healer who lives what she believes and values in her own life and generously shares her wisdom with others.”

–Gail McMeekin, career/creativity coach (www.creativesuccess.com) and author of “The Power of Positive Choices” and “The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women”

“For me, coaching is most effective when there are big changes happening in my life and it’s time to look at them fully and find the opportunities. Guys aren’t noted for being highly expressive, and Gail has a wonderful way to quickly bring the real issues out in the open, and help you to see the options for making big moves in your life. It’s a ‘no-nonsense, stop worrying, and let’s get going’ process that gets you moving again.”

–Barry O’Brien, president and founder, North Shore Communications, Gloucester, MA

“One of the things I value most from Gail’s coaching is that she was consistent and persistent about getting me to move from my head into my feelings. Gail would ask me how I feel…and I would tell her what I think. She didn’t let me off the hook. She gently pulled me back each time. As a result, I took bigger and bigger baby steps that gradually led me out of my head and into my body… and to a world of emotion that I had sadly, forgotten. I discovered Gail on a Sunday morning talk show with Kimberley Jaeger on WZLX. As I listened to her talk about how the beliefs that we develop unconsciously during childhood can create problematic patterns of behavior in later life, I knew I had to talk with her. Through her belief work process and coaching, I was able to discover limiting beliefs that were negatively affecting my relationships and personal life and shift them to more positive and empowering beliefs. I was so impressed by the power of this process that I became interested in becoming a coach myself…and did.”

– Beth Scanzani, life coach specializing in life purpose, dream work and career transitions

“As a life coach, Gail Jones is an expert at guiding those in transition. I’ve taken her workshop “WHAT”S NEXT: Finding your calling, purpose or passion” and experienced first- hand how Gail has a gift for helping individuals determine their own direction at the right time. Gail is also a talented author and writer who shares her insights in frequent newsletters that are honest and timely. Her background and years of experience have made it truly rewarding to work with Gail.”

–Christine Dwyer, creative mid-lifer exploring possibilities

“Gail is incredibly intuitive and dedicated to what she believes – both for herself and her clients. Her perspectives on a person’s capacity to enjoy – and value – who they are and what they do and not to be caught up in life’s everyday, non-essential ‘anchors’ help create significant, life improving breakthroughs. Creative, compassionate, professional… Gail’s passion is to help people. She does.”

–Andrew Montone, founder of www.CambridgeArtandFrame.com

“Gail is an extraordinary coach…always listening…always focused on just the right emotional sweet spot, and lifting one—me—way beyond where they ever thought they could go.”

–Patricia Soldati, executive and career coach; resume writer, Stockbridge, MA

“I have worked with several coaches in my career, but none like Gail Jones. Gail goes beyond the formulaic testing which most coaches use to help you with career goals and transitions. Gail listens to the words you speak. However, she hears the beliefs that formulate your thoughts and actions. You get the ‘aha,’ gain an understanding of why you do what you do and clarify your goals. Gail then utilizes coaching methods that she has personally developed to help you alleviate old patterns of thinking and behaving. The results, unlike a diet, are quick and very subtle. You may feel a shift in your actions, but everything appears normal. Then, you wake up one day and realize that what you have accomplished recently is exactly where you want your life to be or to be moving towards. Gail is a true life coach and someone I want to always have in my life.”

–Wendy L. Dickes, mortgage broker, Newburyport, MA

“With Gail’s guidance, I have really changed my life. The tools she provided have helped me to let go of guilt, release stress, set boundaries, improve my family relationships, form new friendships and actively pursue my dreams. I feel positive and centered, and completely different from who I was 8 months ago!

Gail didn’t let me wallow in all of my angst! She got straight to the heart of the problem, and what I needed to work on at that moment. She was positive, loving and supportive, and in a very short time helped me to be functioning at a whole new level. I highly recommend her!”

–Jennifer Dryden, Owner, Perennial Pleasures, Rocks Village, MA

“When I first began working with Gail, I was skeptical. My life wasn’t working very well—but he wasn’t that abusive and my job wasn’t that bad…I had interviewed several life coaches. They made big promises and they were all very expensive. One said I could never be coached. So resigned myself to a steady mental diet of self-help books and yearned for the seminar that would make me see the light. A friend of mine suggested that I see Gail. I was a little resistant…Gail was direct and gentle and very patient. Her techniques were subtle and powerful. Slowly I made changes. Things got worse before they got better. I quit the job. I got out of the relationship. Almost immediately, I found a job I loved. In the process, I found parts of myself that I didn’t know were there. I found hope and strength and a deep well of laughter. And I found the light inside of me. And when I lose it—Gail is there…Gail is very, very special. Transition is difficult and I can’t think of a better guide.”

–Lisa Templeton, sales representative, Gloucester, MA

“Gail’s coaching far exceeded the consulting I got from an outplacement firm several years ago when I first left the corporate world and began a career search. Gail’s warm and supportive manner helped my lay out a plan to pursue a career as an eldercare advocate. She helped me package my past experience with additional training in the human services field. Her encouragement, along with the way she shares lessons from her own career transition, help me stay focused and on track.”

–George Medeiros, Peabody, MA

“Gail Jones has enlightened me. She gave me a window that most people don’t have the opportunity to see through.”

–Dennis Conlon, owner, Cape Ann Estate Maintenance, Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA

“Gail Jones understands the midlife transition better than anyone I know. She has lived it, guided adults through it for more than a dozen years, and written a book about it. She also uses breakthrough tools that help clients rapidly uncover beliefs that have held them back from achieving more prosperous and fulfilling lives.”

–Steve Fischer, former attorney, Wenham, MA

“As a man approaching 50, I started to develop new ways of thinking about who I was, where I’ve been and obviously, where the hell I’m going. At this juncture in my life, I quit a successful corporate career to pursue, I wasn’t sure what. But, what the heck, I had 28 years of management experience and have developed an array of business skills which would certainly guide me to success. How wrong I was! I found my skill set adequate in part, but I lacked survival skills. I was on my own, no one to count on, no one to pick up the ball if I dropped it, no one to make me look good–it was all up to me. I was struggling and couldn’t understand why, and then I met Gail Jones.

Gail is a “life coach” specializing in transition. When I first met her, she described to me what she did and my inner response was, ‘Another one of those.’ You see, as a child, I grew up believing that a man needed to be strong as I was influenced mostly by my father’s stories growing up in a tough Irish neighborhood in Boston during the post depression years. My interpretation of what strong and tough meant was: no tears, no belly aching, pain is good, and just get it done. Ask for help? That request, as great as it may sound to some men as a tool for navigating through major changes in life, was to me equivalent to banging your head against the wall.

I will always remember my first intimate conversation with Gail. I was on a cell phone while driving (I was using a headset). We talked about what I was doing and if I was satisfied with my progress. We talked about my past and who I was. Very quickly, Gail started touching emotional buttons–so much so that I needed to pull off the road. She explained to me about beliefs we develop in life and how some of those beliefs can hinder our growth, success. I will share two of these emotional buttons. One was that I rarely invited friends or family to my 5,000 square-foot home in an affluent community because I felt guilty doing so. The second was that my father at age 50 also made a career change and failed. I am my father’s son–very much like him. Did I have a belief about fearing success or failure? Gail knew nothing of my house or my father, but through our conversation, she provoked thought that brought about realizations of my internal beliefs. Whoa? Could these be hurdles affecting my success?

Through knowing Gail, I have come to appreciate the word ‘help.’ Gail has a gift for listening and understanding–and the insights from living her own transitions along with innovative tools to help you identify your inner emotions and beliefs. She helps you alter them to serve your highest good.”

–Kevin Donovan, former vice president and chief financial officer and business broker