Raleigh, NC


“Gail is incredibly intuitive and dedicated to what she believes – both for herself and her clients. Her perspectives on a person’s capacity to enjoy – and value – who they are and what they do and not to be caught up in life’s everyday, non-essential ‘anchors’ help create significant, life improving breakthroughs. Creative, compassionate, professional… Gail’s passion is to help people.”

–Andrew Montone, Founder/COO, Cambridge Art & Frame, Cambridge, MA

* * *

“Gail took a collection of islands of activity launching my first book, applied a strategy and plan, and turned it into a symphony of image, function and raised awareness across the press, social media, website, blog, target organizations and events. Thank you, Gail.”

–Barbara J Hopkinson, author, A Butterfly’s Journey, Plum Island (Newbury), MA

* * *

“Gail’s ability to collaborate with me in creating the right content and mission statement for my business was a seamless, joyful process. The fact that Gail is a top-shelf marketing pro who is also a life coach, journalist and author, enabled her to use multiple skill sets to get ‘inside my head and business’ rather quickly to articulate in a meaningful way the personal messages I want to convey. Her writing and marketing business is truly unique.”

Dr. Jennah Dieter, chiropractor/nutritional counselor, owner, HealthCare Complete, Newburyport, MA

* * *

“Gail is an excellent writer who understands both the art and the science of writing an effective blog and getting it noticed by the major search engines. She is personable, creative and a quick study on new topics and industries that she was initially unfamiliar with.”

– Phil Kluge, Principal, Transaction Resources, Woburn, MA

* * *

“Gail has a solid handle on the pulse of Internet marketing and web presence. She can bring a new millennium outlook to any business needing Internet exposure.”

 – Chris Dowley, financial advisor, Marblehead, MA

* * *

“You are such an eloquent writer…one wants to read what you write.”

–Kim Harty, executive director of YMCA, Bar Harbor, ME

* * *

“Everyone should have access to the brilliant writings of your blogs. The world would be enriched through your wisdom and ability to direct others through life’s difficult challenges; boost others up to attain new levels of self-worth and accomplish their life’s purpose. We all need love, support and guidance and you do this so lovingly through your writings. May you continue to reach out and share your wealth of knowledge with others. Bravo, Gail!”

Marj Elliott, interior designer, Atlanta, GA