“I always wanted to know, and I always used to daydream, about what it would be like to stand on a really big stage and sing songs for a lot of people, songs that I had written…Daydreaming was kind of my No. 1 thing when I was little, because I didn’t have much of a social life going on.” –Taylor Swift.

Exhausted from a few weeks of intense activity, I gave myself a day off to do nothing yesterday.

I literally sat on a deck and stared at the mountains before me, took a nap, then got up and returned to the deck to view nature. The solitude felt blissful.

For a few hours, I simply daydreamed. Everything I wanted suddenly seemed fun and possible. Downtime felt more productive than all the proactive “doing” around my business and part-time jobs that help keep me social while writing my books.

When I lived in New England before moving to Arizona, I would call these regroup times “jammie days.” I would pray the Fed Ex man or a surprise visitor wouldn’t arrive at the door mid-afternoon and see me still wearing pajamas!

This type of respite felt extra special and cozy during snowy winters. In Arizona, staying inside on a sunny day feels a bit strange, yet most of us year-round residents do that in the summer to avoid the excessively high heat!

Something special happened during my recent self-imposed retreat when I awoke this morning. All my dreams and wishes suddenly became very clear. Obstacles appear removed, and I felt on-purpose. My vision board appeared more like a movie reel with life in motion versus a static poster with pasted images on it.

I stepped into action, knowing my next steps. The blocks that had deterred me suddenly made sense. Opportunities I had previously pursued no longer fit into the bigger picture of my life that emerged while daydreaming.

The new puzzle pieces were starting to fit together.   I began seeing who the “right” people are that I want in my life and business.

All sorts of intuitive nudges prompted me to reach out. I emailed a business acquaintance from Boston who knew and respected my work and a new person here in Arizona with solid entrepreneurial success. With their complementary expertise, the finish line towards my goals feels real and attainable now.

The day off was not the only thing that refueled me; it was the renewed commitment to living the life of my dreams.

I am curious how the Universe will support the daydreams I release to it today!


I wish I could share them with you, but for now I am going to honor this:)

Native American Legend

“If anyone desires a wish to come true, they must first find a butterfly and (without touching the beautiful, fragile creature) whisper their wish to it.

Since a butterfly can make no sound, it cannot reveal the wish to anyone but the Great Spirit who hears and sees all.

In gratitude for giving the beautiful butterfly its freedom, the wish will be taken to the heavens and granted.”

To new levels of freedom,


I took the above photo at Butterfly Wonderland…A rainforest experience in Scottsdale, AZ, where the graphic of the Native American Legend referenced above was also posted.

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