“We keep going forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we’re curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”—Walt Disney

 Sometimes change is jolting.  Other times it softly ushers us into a new expression of ourselves or expands our lives in surprisingly, beautiful ways.

 I have found when I consciously choose to pace myself–as one would slowly dip their toes into new waters to assess the temperature–I am more able to stay open and curious to new opportunities and people.  Additionally, the latest in neuroscience research has shown that small, consistent and incremental action steps forward is a better way to create the healthy neural pathways in the brain for creating and sustaining positive change. 

 If there is an agenda for something to happen too quickly, I now stand back and question from where the urgency is coming.  Are my choices from panic or passion for something I believe in?  Do others I may associate with instill trust by following through on actions that support their words?  Can I grow in positive ways from the opportunity presented to me, even if the initial stretch may seem daunting?  Am I being called to expand or serve in a larger way?  Is reciprocity evident in my relationships with others?

 Standing still in uncertainty and not rushing outcomes is a valuable life skill, often requiring a great deal of maturity.  It is far easier to want to bolt from uncomfortable moments that unnerve us or reach for an immediate solution that may not enrich our happiness long-term.

 Now, I consistently take time to get clear and ascertain if my values, interests, skills, talents and level of commitment for desired outcomes, match the scenarios or people before me.

 Then, I indulge in some more toe-dipping.  By approaching all the new before me as moments of experimenting, without any attachment to outcomes, I am increasingly delighted by the uniqueness of others, and the myriad of possibilities that unfold daily. 

  (Beth Scanzani once again generously provided a photo that is in alignment with the message of this blog.  The garden path bench is symbolic to me of pausing to discern where to dip the next toe.)


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