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Key Presenter at United Way of North Carolina’s Leadership Retreat
(January 19, 2024, Pinehurst, NC)

I was hired to guide the new leadership team for this non-profit organization (that works with 50 local United Ways across the state) in creating a new vision for themselves. I also shared my unique “Journey to the Heart of Worthiness Platform” that I have taught globally.

As I often share:

“You need to know you are WORTHY of the vision you are creating to make it happen.” ~Gail Kauranen Jones

My approach with the leadership team was three-fold:

  1.  Sharing ways to strengthen each of the team member’s talents and skills collectively, I guided the team on techniques for instilling a greater sense of worthiness to serve more impactfully and cohesively.
  2. Utilizing the vision board as a foundational tool, I then shared neuroscience principles to include that often help accelerate the manifestation of dreams, goals, and intentions.
  3. Displaying my own vision boards of the past, I showed evidence of what I achieved using them. I also stressed the impact of placing “the right words” on the boards based on my expertise as an award-winning writer and author. More than 15 empowering words that help rewire the brain for greater success were shared.

Here is some feedback from team members:

“This was so fun, and I loved the 8-minute visualization on worthiness that you led. Instant feelings of peace and happiness. I’m so excited for my team to have our vision board so we can visualize our collaborative strategies to achieve growth!”

* * *

“The leadership team loved having you present! Thank you for educating us on the power of vision boards and encouraging us to focus on our collective measures to strengthen and grow our initiatives.”

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(In honor of Valentine’s Day and your WORTHINESS to love and be loved)

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