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Leadership training

At the featured event on January 19, 2024, Gail Kauranen Jones shone as the keynote speaker at the Leadership Retreat organized by United Way of North Carolina. Held at the cozy Holly Inn in Pinehurst, NC, this in-person retreat transformed into a space of profound change under Jones’s guidance. Known for her deep knowledge in neuroscience and her revolutionary view on self-worth, Jones led an interactive workshop aimed at empowering the attending leaders to bring a Vision Board for the year 2024 to life. In this workshop, strategies and techniques were shared not only to visualize goals but also to foster the development of a deeper, more meaningful relationship with these aspirations, grounded in worthiness and self-acceptance. This unique proposition challenges and broadens the traditional understanding of setting goals, positioning self-worth as a key element in the equation of success. The impact of this workshop goes beyond the creation of an inspiring vision board: it represents a pragmatic shift in how leaders approach personal growth and development — including the establishment of a strong foundation of worthiness. Gail Kauranen Jones (also known as “Coach Gail Jones”) continues to be a major thought leader in personal growth and development—merging in her unique and proprietary worthiness platform. As she says, “You need to know you are worthy of the vision you are creating in order to help make it happen.”


Gail shared her personal 2024 vision board, and other ones from the past, as examples.  She also showed evidence of many dreams and goals that came true after she put them on her boards, using her advanced techniques that incorporate the latest in neuroscience. She is also highly skilled at crafting “the right words” to place on the vision boards, based on her expertise as an author and award-winning writer.

Ready for an experiential, hybrid workshop that will help you be a better leader at work and in your whole life? Join us Thursday, March 2nd at RTP/Frontier for On The Menu. It’s free! You have to register at link below:


Small Group Coaching Classes

Wednesday, October 6, 2021, Change that story of frustration and lack now, through Coach Gail Jones’ unique Interactive Group Coaching class.

Global Teaching

On February 23rd, 2021, I taught my signature presentation, “JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF WORTHINESS,” to HeartMath/UK coaches, reaching hundreds of participants from all over the world, including Greece, France, Bulgaria, Ireland and Italy.


April 6th, 2021: Guest Expert, leading participants to “EMBRACE YOUR INNATE WORTHINESS” on Sara Shulting Kranz’s program called, “The Trail


April 13th, 2021: Featured speaker on “BE WORTHY OF SUCCESS” at Women Business Owners Network —of the Triangle 11:30 am to 1:00 pm Baby Moon Cafe 100 Jerusalem Drive Morrisville, NC 27560