Following the muse…

“You should treat a muse like a fairy.”

~ Paulo Coelho


Like many of us, I have been redirected by the pandemic.

After spending decades publicly sharing my inward journeys of transformation here, I am taking a step back from my consistent blog writing.

The world has changed dramatically, and so have I.

People are more distracted these days by an influx of information. Many have less time to sit with the frequency of reflective pieces that I sometimes spent 8 to 12 hours a week in joyful creation researching and writing.

At the same time, my muse has awakened in new ways beyond the deep introspective phase of these past nine years, healing post cancer, and reinventing myself.

That inner time of “purification” prepared me to serve in larger ways from a more grounded sense of being as I continue to move into a soul-directed life.

In living the worthiness platform I now teach, I am honoring the words of a wise friend: “Give of your overflow, not your essence.”

When I do return to posting some blogs, which will be done on a more spontaneous basis, they will come from broader insights and new levels of generosity.


We are living in a new world, one year into the pandemic. We may have become more isolated, but most of us also realized how much we need connection.

Being a sharer by nature, I am increasingly enjoying creating with others, which also offsets the solitude of the writing life (and there is a new book evolving that my muse advised me to pace writing).

Learning to function as a “we” is becoming paramount after having had too much “me” time of late. The world also is yearning for more unity consciousness, I believe.


I love creating my new “CLAIM YOUR WORTHINESS…Intimate Conversations with Gail Jones” podcasts in a professional studio, collaborating with others, to bring messages of worthiness to the world.  My guests have so generously shared their journeys to worthiness, along with their unique expertise in their fields.

(And, by the way, my podcasts are now available on my new YouTube channel. I would love it if you would subscribe there, even if you already subscribe via your favorite podcast channel. I need 100 subscribers before the name of my channel can reflect my new Claim Your Worthiness branding versus all these letters on the link. Just click here to subscribe:

The next two CLAIM YOUR WORTHINESS podcast guests are:

  • March 16th, Anna Pereira, founder of The Wellness Universe (a flourishing network of heart-centered entrepreneurs and a GLOBAL one-stop shop for total wellness support), bestselling author and inspirational leader. Anna will be sharing insights on “Embracing Self-Care Through Connection.”
  • March 30th, Bruce Cryer, president at The Graduate Institute, former CEO of HeartMath, adjunct professor at Stanford University, a singer, dancer, songwriter, mentor and nature photographer. He recently released Renaissance Human, an album of original songs co-created with The Brothers Koren. Bruce will be sharing insights on “Awakening the Creative Force.”

Next month, I am teaching “BE WORTHY OF SUCCESS” to the Women Business Owners Network (WBON) of the Triangle.

Where and when:
Tuesday, April 13th

11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m

(In-person, outside seating under a covered porch; mask required)

Baby Moon Café

100 Jefferson Drive

Morrisville, N.C. 27560

Email Jodi Free, event manager, for more details at:



Last month, I taught my signature presentation, “Journey to the Heart of Worthiness” to HeartMath/UK coaches, reaching hundreds of participants from all over the world, including Greece, France, Bulgaria, Ireland and Italy.

HeartMath is known for its scientifically validated approach to creating heart-brain coherence (which eases stress and creates resilience). The techniques and technologies, based on more than 26 years of research, are used globally by hundreds of hospitals, schools, corporations and humanitarian organizations.

I am especially grateful for the joy and generosity in collaborating with HeartMath/UK director Gavin Andrews, who added his creative genius by coming up with the title of my presentation. Interacting with the wonderful coaches post presentation was an added bonus as I felt like I had come “home”–just like I experienced when I left my high tech PR career to become a transformational guide for these past 20 years, and now a worthiness coach.


Going forwarded, I plan to stay connected with you in many ways:

  • Newsletter updates.
  • My one-on-one private coaching sessions and group programs via Zoom.
  • At speaking events where I teach my “Journey to the Heart of Worthiness” platform, tailored to specific audiences.
  • Facebook: Coach Gail Jones
  • Instagram: Coach Gail Jones
  • LinkedIn, Gail Kauranen Jones

To honoring my muse calling me to create in more expansive and contemporary ways…AND to coming back to share here again when I get the nudge. Teaching and writing are in my bones.

Wishing you all a gentle and fulfilling ushering in of spring, a great season for new beginnings.

With love and gratitude,


Barry Wheeler, one of my hiking friends here in North Carolina, captured this exquisite photo above of the Grand Staircase of the Great Hall of the Library of Congress, with the muse at the top. One point of interest is that these statues hold the first two electric lights in Washington D.C.—how symbolic of women lighting the world:)

To see more of Barry’s full photo collection in his “A place of beauty” series, or other beautiful images he has captured, check out his blog called, Travels of an Old Guy. 





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  • Doug Campbell says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and journey with us!
    I love the comment, “ Give of your overflow, not of your essence!”
    So much wisdom in that one statement!
    So many times, we give to the point of exhaustion… then have nothing left to use for our own healing!
    Looking forward to your next podcast!

    • Gail Kauranen Jones (“Coach Gail Jones”—Your worthiness expert) says:

      You are most welcome, Doug. I am glad you appreciated my sharing as I was guided to use examples of my own transformations to inspire others. Interesting when I started teaching and writing about concepts of “transition” 20 years ago, few understood what that entailed…who could have forecast the major transition of our world right now! I’m excited to share in new ways, incorporating the expertise of others as well. And I will return to this blog, every now and then, when my muse directs me. Glad you also appreciated that quote of “giving from overflow” that a wise friend shared with me. It helped ground me in new ways. Blessings, Gail

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