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SUMMER COACHING: Replenishing Body and Soul

Is there a behavior, belief or even a relationship  you would like to leave behind or add to your life at this juncture?

A great way to physically “let go” or “let in” is by experiencing Gail’s coaching while walking.

Back by popular demand, Gail is offering her innovative work on the sands of Crane’s Beach in Ipswich. Early morning and late afternoon sessions are now being scheduled. For more information, please call Gail at:


And, if you prefer receiving coaching by phone or at her office, she is offering summer package deals, discounted during the months of July and August for those who commit to three or more sessions.


“To live with freedom, independence, self-sufficiency and responsibility takes great effort, commitment, persistence and strength. Yet what it yields is the far greater experience of a rich and fulfilling life. True freedom is a lot of work, and true freedom is worth every bit of it. It is in making the decisions, and in making the effort, and in living your own unique dreams that you achieve the life you truly long to live. Though real freedom can be a little frightening, run out and embrace it with everything you have. For in that freedom, your highest and best possibilities are ready to come magnificently to life.”–Ralph Marston

The deal I made with myself this holiday week was to find fun ways and locations in which to embrace my work. Becoming more mobile, after 18 years working from home while also mothering children, is one way I am increasing my joy and freedom of self-employment.

Sitting on my friend’s deck in Plum Island this July 4th , I am grateful for the freedom of writing from my laptop in nearly any locale I desire. With this freedom, and joy of beachside creativity, comes responsibility. For on this holiday, I am choosing how to balance my time between work commitments and play, which is the challenge for many of us who are self-employed. Without set schedules and routines, it can be easy to go from one extreme of indulging too much of our time in tasks and not enough in leisure or vice versa.

My solution for this Independence Day is to spend the morning writing, and the other half of the day kayaking in a nearby tidal basin, followed by dinner with friends. Later in the week, I will be coaching clients in various locales as well—some from my home office, another at a café, and a third on the beach. A few others opted for phone sessions, which is a freeing way for my long-distance clients to enjoy coaching.

Until I was self-employed, I thought freedom meant less responsibility. Now, I understand that sometimes careful planning is required to more fully experience freedom. As a friend once advised me, “It is in preparation, that we can be more spontaneous.”

Liberating myself further, I am releasing my previous belief that the writing life is solitary. Next week I hope to bring my laptop and creative muse to Rockport for a few days, gaining more inspiration while sitting on another friend’s seaside deck. Creating side-by-side is a new adventure for me, as I honor my soul’s craving to share more of my life with others.

Staying open and flexible to many options of producing or delivering our work expands us—which to me symbolizes true freedom.

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BELIEF TIPS OF THE WEEK for Free to Be Mobile:

Write out the statements below long-hand a few times each day. Then, repeat out loud as frequently as you desire, but especially in the morning and at night when in restful states:

1. I allow myself to expand my sense of freedom by planning well for it.

2. I allow myself to enjoy working in different ways and in different locales.

Beth Scanzani’s beach photo of the dog suspended in the air reminds us of how freeing it is to let go and just be in the moment (or offsite).


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  • Great post Gail! I also enjoy being mobile and working in various locations. I’ve been on a few 4-5 day vacations lately where I had to attend to client projects while I was away. That was no problem with my laptop and my smartphone. I love running my own company. And even though I am always (literally) tethered to the business, I take it where I go.

    I don’t do it that often, but I love to work at my favorite coffee shop in Newburyport (Plum Island Coffee Roasters). I always run into friends and colleagues and often make business connections.


    • Gail says:


      Great hearing from you…and getting an update on your “mobile” entrepreneurial life. Plum Island Roasters IS a great spot…I am meeting another writer there in August for more “side-by-side” creativity. Maybe you and I can plan to meet there one day as well…off to PI now for another day of “harborside” writing.

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