Great Minds Dress and Win Alike


“When a person is following a path with heart, his or her dreams are usually nourishing, often imparting a sense of well-being.  Synchronistically, opportunities seem to open fortuitously, the people we should meet accidentally cross our path, a flow or ease accompanies our work.”

—Jean Shinoda Bolen, The Tao of Psychology, Synchronicity and The Self

  The Story of Us—Co-Founders of Blogger Pros


I once hired Patty Duffey, the woman who is my business partner at Blogger Pros, to refine my social media marketing skills.

She later hired me to do some PR writing for her other business, Music On & Up, creators of The Young Performers Club.

A few months later she hired me for my coaching skills to teach “Creating a New Financial Identity” at the Topsfield/Boxford Business Association.

After that seminar, our passion for helping others increase their business success and visibility grew. And, our marketing expertise consistently overlapped and complemented one another’s skill sets.

Then, we began experiencing some synchronicities, signals that led us to co-creating Blogger Pros.

Here is how they flowed:

1.  For fun, we began taking a few workshops together, and lo and behold, one day we found ourselves showing up at a seminar dressed almost identically.

 2.  Then, we acted on a hunch that the social media marketing world needs more quality writing.  So many people blogging and dispersing information about their businesses are not professional writers or marketers.  Hence, their words do not always accurately project the image of their businesses.  And, in fact, poor quality writing can greatly detract from a company’s image.  Even those who are great writers are challenged by keeping up the frequency of social media postings and blogging needed to attract the attention of search engines that bring prospects to websites.  Patty and I together have more than 60 years of writing and marketing experience elevating a company’s image. 

 Equally important, we do the follow-through most fail to act on as they get immersed in the day-to-day operations of their businesses.  In fact, through her consulting teaching others social media marketing skills, Patty has found that only 10 percent of those who say they can do it themselves actually take control and start writing.  

 3.  We got so clear on this need for our new blog and content writing business that we explored further by attending a business writing seminar to see how many others may need our type of high quality service.  The room was filled to capacity, with more than 100 participants.  During the seminar, the presenter mentioned two books that help refine writing: Elements of Style, which Patty jotted down for her wish list, and the new and revised AP Stylebook, which I wrote down with the intent to purchase.   At the end of the workshop, the presenter asked all those who wanted to participate in a drawing for a free gift to put their businesses cards in a bag.  Guess who won?  Patty and I both did, and for the exact book we each had written down.    

 4.  Both Patty and I have social media savvy daughters who have majored in marketing at college.  And, we both have sons named Brendan.

Aside from these “fortuitous events,” the more we work together, the more our passion, shared values and commitment to excellence are validated.  Our infectious entrepreneurial spirit helps us engage with clients in exciting and rewarding ways, and we can make decisions and move projects along quickly when warranted.  At new business meetings, we intuitively know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and when to let one lead and the other to provide the back-up.

Beyond the day-to-day tasks, as women business owners we feel a higher calling to model collaboration.

According to Patty, “Collaboration of like minds is super powerful and fun, and most importantly, it portrays a strengthened presence in the market to heighten our visibility and provide more comprehensive services to our clients.”

Acting on our signals of synchronicity to work together, we now experience daily that two minds –particularly those who dress and win alike –are stronger than one. 


Beth Shedd’s photo of these harmoniously similar dresses reflects the notion of synchronicity that Patty and Gail felt when they arrived at a meeting in nearly identical outfits.


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  • Dijana says:

    Hi Gail,

    The beauty of your friendship with Patty and the creative nature of your relationship can only bring wondrous results. I wish you more success and joy than you could ever imagine.

    With love, Dijana

  • Flo says:

    I remember Jean saying at one of her workshops that when the 3 daughters of the Goddess– Synchronicity, Serendipity and Grace (ease)– are walking with you and showing up for you, the path you are taking is the “right” one. They sure seem to be with you and Patty!! Much success and satisfaction for you both….. can’t have one without the other now can you, ha, haa.
    Love, Flo

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