It takes a village



“No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit.”

–Andrew Carnegie

Hillary Clinton was so right in articulating that “It takes a village” to raise a child as she wrote in her corresponding book by the same name.

It takes a village to do a lot of other things as well, from winning a team sport to launching a dream. Sometimes, if you’re like me lately, you may reach the point of exhaustion before calling in support from others or delegating responsibilities.

Yet, the more we reach out, and accept the expertise of others, the more we can each grow as a person. We all have strengths and weaknesses; leaning on others when it expands or refuels us is healthy.

Right now, I am about to launch my book Cancer as a Love Story: Developing the Mindset for Living. The past few months I pulled several “all nighters” with last-minutes edits, often jumping out of bed to jot down one more crucial thought to include. Then, I worked extra part-time jobs to finance the book. Truth be told, I am running on empty these days, and I am making sure I take time to rest. A few massages have been scheduled!

In two weeks, my official book launch, I will be hosting my first author signing in Cave Creek, Arizona. There will be a team to support me, from the musician who will play music following the signing, to a friend who will help set up the books-for-sale table.

I know for sure, that this calling that came to me in the middle of the night five years ago, could not have reached fruition without the help of many, many others. I am so grateful for all the friends and loved ones who stood by throughout this intense journey of reinventing myself from the inside out. Several healers also provided generous acts of care that enabled me to share leading-edge resources with my readers. I have acknowledged them all in my book.

Right now, I also am grateful for my editing, technical and marketing teams, who upgraded the content and image of my book and its presence on Amazon in ways far greater than I imagined. Thank you Demi Stevens of The Year of the Book, Rose Russo of Pathways Graphic Design, Foster Coburn III of Graphics Unleashed, Jarred Stanley of Newburyport IT, and Nancy Wolff Leary of Online Amplify. Your commitment to excellence is carrying me to the finish line and beyond. I would love to think we are all part of a bestseller in the making!

For my dear clients and Support Matter blog readers, I also am grateful to you for all the years you have stood by, and listened to my counsel, or responded to my words.

One of the key words that drives me now is reciprocity, the give-and-take in healthy relationships. I am blessed to have grown so many of those types of relationships in the past few years. Thank you for being part of my healing journey.

My new book shares an in-depth look of that journey. It is divided into three parts: the first third helps those newly diagnosed with cancer, and the other two-thirds of the book offer lots of tools and techniques for helping anyone through various types of change (career, relationship, loss, or lifestyle) create a new mindset for living in optimal ways.

If you would like to pre-order a signed copy of Cancer as a Love Story, email As a bonus, I will send you “The 8 Characteristics of Long-Term Cancer Survivors.” These tips, which I gleaned from my three-month participation in The Mind Body Program for Cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital, can apply to anyone seeking to increase their longevity.

Bless you all…and may my book, with your help, reach the millions who need it.

With gratitude,



I took the above photo by a village market in Ogunquit, Maine, during my recent trip there to view fall foliage.


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  • Lisa may says:

    So very true Gail! Knowing and trusting that the village assembles when needed is an incredibly powerful learning for me that continues to be proven, time and time again. So grateful you became part of my village as serendipity presented itself in the spring of 2016. Grateful. So very proud of you for sharing your journey with the world!

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Lisa: Thanks for ALL your encouragement–and appreciating the vulnerability of sharing such an intimate healing journey with the world. Knowing incredible people like you “have my back” is really helpful now, as I prepare to launch a very rigorous calling. So grateful. Big hugs, Gail

  • Gail, the story of writing your book and getting it published is a story in itself. It’s an amazing achievement and you must be so proud. I think you’re totally brilliant. Well done!

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Thanks, Michael: I am just starting to realize the significance of honoring a calling like this- and staying with it to the end. It’s sort of like birthing a baby but the labor was a lot longer! Hence, unexpected exhaustion followed. Getting pumped up now for sharing the healing techniques I learned with the masses. I’m so grateful for all who stood by-and so looking forward to celebrating with book launches in key cities. Lots of fun ahead:)

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