Lightening Up in 2013


“Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend.” ~Lao Tzu

My intention was for greater health, not weight loss. However, 22 pounds lighter, I can tell you that going from size 12 to size 8/6 feels great, not because of how I look, but rather because how I feel.

Years before, I pounded away at gyms, working out three to five days a week, playing tennis and taking long beach walks. I still enjoy those activities, but also the slower, more nurturing pace of yoga and Chi Gong. These alternative modes of exercise feed my soul as well as help oxygenate my body, which is the best way to stay in optimal health.

The pounds dropped not from exercise, but from intentionally changing the way I eat. I did not count calories or adhere to a specific daily diet plan or weigh in. Instead, I opted with great discipline to give up wheat, dairy and sugar—as these substances can create blockages or prohibit the body from functioning at its best.  I learned to shop and cook in new ways, skills I am proud to be integrating.

Like the withdrawal symptoms I had when quitting smoking 23 years ago, there was a lot of misery in between my days as “junk food Jill” and choosing to change my entire way of eating. However, as I adjusted to my new health regiment, I became increasingly calm and centered, better able to focus on tasks at hand. Adding daily meditation to my morning routine helped, too.

I had many cheat days, particularly around the holidays. I forgave myself, appreciating that these off times quickly showed me how sluggish I become when I am not eating as healthily as I have learned to do. I also recalled the wise words of my nutritionist, Dr. Jennah Dieter: “It’s about progression, not perfection.”

Entering 2013, I intend to stay lighter in mind and spirit as well, embracing more fun and laughter as I increasingly approach life from love versus fear. Additionally, the strong, inner circle of positive, supportive people which I built these past few years is solid, helping to serve as a fortress to protecting and nourishing my well-being. Those who can be there for us through thick or thin are as essential nutrients to our souls as the foods we eat are to our bodies.

May 2013 be a lighter time in all ways for all of us. Start by embracing the energies of love, hope, health, kindness, compassion and joy.

Happy New Year!



The photo was taken by Beth Scanzani, a coaching colleague and joyful, fun friend who playfully engages Gail in her lightness.


Repeat daily upon waking and before going to sleep (and a few other times during the day if you feel so inspired)

1. I allow myself to commit to my good health.

2. I allow myself to surround myself with positive, inspiring people.

3. I allow myself to shine my own light—in mind, body and spirit.


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