Money DOES grow on trees



“Money does grow on trees—through branches of love. We are all connected.” —Gail Kauranen Jones

Last week a dear friend from years ago in Topsfield, Mass., where I raised my children, sent me a Facebook message (and with permission I share her story):

“Yesterday, in the morning I was thinking of a close friend who I knew was struggling financially. So, I used Venmo* and sent her $200. Later in the afternoon, another friend, a local plumber who has been one of my customers, sent me a text saying he left something at my door. I found it to be an envelope, with $200 in it.”

Her message ended with these words: THE POWER OF GENEROSITY.

As I thought about her receiving the exact amount she had given, I sensed it was “a God wink,” a reminder that we are always taken care of, even in the scariest of times like many of us are now facing.

The amazing part of this story is my friend who sent the money is owner of a local small business that had to close up shop. She is now without income, yet sent what she could afford.

Money is energy, and anonymously spreading it AND being a willing recipient of such kindness has huge rewards—as I have continually seen throughout my life and clients’ stories.  The topic of abundance is a whole other blog post and part of my next book in development.

For today, l will share two key ingredients to experiencing more money: get connected and serve others. Isolation creates lack, and even though we are “social distancing” now, reaching out to others is easier than it has ever been through technology.

Beyond money, there is another kind of generosity that we also are hearing more about during these challenging times: giving your time, skills and talents.

Within my hiking group alone, there are:

  • two nurses who put their lives on the line every day to serve.
  • a retiree making masks for family and friends, who is also lending the mobile home she owns with her husband to a nurse, hopefully freeing the healthcare worker from the risk of exposing any family members to the coronavirus. She learned of this opportunity to serve through a Facebook group called RVs4MDs, which connects RVs (recreational vehicles) and camper owners with medical staff who want to isolate from families. To learn more, click here.
  • another friend who just donated blood and later shared publicly how impressed she was with the safety precautions taken at her local American Red Cross center. (She was reminded that there is still a critical need for blood donations, and that the shortage will continue for some time.)
  • a Christian friend who continues to look for opportunities to help others through food donations, prayer support, and encouragement.
  • A jokester who sends funny, uplifting messages to lighten the day.

Each time we extend ourselves for another we fill ourselves up in new ways—just be sure you do not deplete the cup. Balance is important. We all need to include exquisite self-care now in our daily routines to keep our immune systems strong.

With love and blessings,



* For those who do not know, Venmo is one of many ways to electronically transfer money.



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  • Lisa franklin says:

    How ironic, my first thought after reading this beautiful message of the gift of generosity and love…was…

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Never knew 20 years ago when I created my coaching business around that name HOW MUCH it would be needed today. Remember, CONNECTION BUILDS OUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS. I hope everyone who reads this reaches out to at least one person today…maybe even someone from long ago in the past. Send good thoughts. And one way to support others who are far away is to place your hand over your heart, and send love. Visualize him or her anchored in your heartfelt wishes for their well-being. Blessings, Gail

  • Doug Campbell says:

    Hi Gail,
    I’m not sure if you remember me or not. We had a few dates many years ago. So much has changed since then. Kids got older. Graduated college. Both have very good jobs and are living independently and both seem to be able to keep their jobs and work remotely during these difficult days.

    Your posts have once again found their way into my in box at a curious time in my life. Due to social distancing, it’s impossible to continue to date and meet new people. I still have not found anyone to join me on my journey, however I have met many wonderful women along the way. (Yourself included). And almost every relationship that I have enjoyed over the last 10 years have taken the time to check in on me during the past few weeks.

    I feel the timing of the renewed receipt of your posts to my inbox, is just one more example of a connection from my past checking in on me. So, thank you for that. I hope all is well with you and your family as well!

    It’s my sense that Mother Nature is healing herself with this pandemic. We as a civilization have over populated, over harvested, over mined, and over polluted our planet. As a living organism, our plant has deployed a survival mechanism to protect herself.

    But I digress. I’ve always looked forward to your updates. And continue to follow you on your journey. You seem to have found a wonderful place to land and set down your roots. I want to wish for you every happiness and good health as we navigate these difficult waters during these dangerous times!
    Good luck! And best wishes for success and health!

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Doug: The Universe loves to surprise us, in good ways, if we believe it is a friendly, kind place. Never did I expect someone from my past of many years ago would reach out to me today. Thank you for your kind thoughts on my blogs and personal well-being. And, I concur with you that Mother Nature is healing herself with this pandemic–and us, if we make the time to go within and remember who we truly are. Wonderful to hear your life, and your kids’ lives, are flowing forward nicely. My children are thriving as well, and I hope we all keep the vibe high for them and next generations…what a curveball they were thrown so young. Yet, I’ve learned from curveballs, we can choose to respond with love or fear, and that collectively we are stronger. Connecting and sharing is so important. So glad you reached out. Blessings, Gail

  • Lisa M Langaker says:

    SUCH positivity at a time when we need it the most. Keep sharing, Gail!! You are such a light and an encouragement!

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Thanks for your sweet words, Lisa. I’m grateful for all who keep sharing their uplifting stories and acts of kindness. Serving others, as you do so well daily through your many random acts of kindness, helps shift the focus to more positivity. Every kind thing we do matters. Blessings, Gail

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