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(The first blog in a two-part series on “EMBRACING THE NOW OF NEW BEGINNINGS”)

“Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstances.”

–Bruce Barton

Yikes.  “No more” I want to scream as I experience a flurry of challenging circumstances.  Then, as I sit back and detach as a witness, I see– as my wise friend, Catherine, who is also a spiritual teacher, says– that I am indeed being initiated into a new life.

It is easy and “safe” to sit behind a computer screen and write of self-love and self-care, messages I have felt called to deliver for a long while.  Many of my readers respond with kind and encouraging words.

Yet, in preparing to be out in the world in bigger and more visible ways dealing with people who are unconscious or unaware of their own divinity, I also have to be ready for the adverse reactions.

One person of late suggested that my well-researched book in development is “psycho-babble” should I not lead with the brave choices I have made—even though I “know” the loving words that came to me in the middle of the night were ushered in by wise grace.  I am choosing to honor that grace, regardless of what others think.

There will be many who disagree or disapprove of my approach to well-being–just as in my clients’ lives, there are many who do not necessarily wholeheartedly support the changes they are making.

Living our truth requires we honor ourselves and our inner “knowing” first.  Validation from others is nice, but it cannot be the driving force of delivering our gifts to the world.

Another lesson I learned recently from my “circumstances” is that I am no longer the fearful child who played “good” instead of speaking up for fear of being reprimanded.  I now honor my own voice and express my needs—even if those words make others uncomfortable.  “If one of has to be uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be me” is a quote I often cited (and I cannot recall the source) years ago as I was learning to refrain from people-pleasing behavior.

Often my voice is kind and loving.  Yet, other times it is firm, setting boundaries with those who lash out at me instead of accepting responsibility for their own shortcomings or insecurities.

I am choosing to stay in one particularly challenging situation now for I keep hearing an inner whisper telling me there is a reason I am there.  I surrender to not knowing the answer yet as I continue practicing seeing myself beyond the current challenge.

I will keep you posted on what lessons or gifts transpire from waiting it out and trusting in myself.

NEXT WEEK, to be posted on Tuesday, June 3:  Part Two– “Enough rewinding.” 


1.  I allow myself to accept grace is working even in less than desirable circumstances.

2.  I allow myself to know my essence is stronger than external situations.

3.  I allow myself to honor my own knowing and gifts regardless of current circumstances.

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