Moving into a new paradigm of vitality


“Vitality is within your grasp no matter what your age or life circumstance.”

—Anat Baniel, author of Move Into Life


Beach Bliss Scanzani photo of granddaughterOne of the best ways to affect positive change and increase vitality in your life is through movement.  Not just moving for the sake of exercise, but to consciously shift the energy in your body by adjusting postures and paying conscious attention to how you carry yourself in the world. 

Over the past twenty-two years as a transitions/belief change expert and  a life coach, I have witnessed clients experiencing some of their most significant breakthroughs and “ah-ah” moments while I coached them walking Crane Beach in Ipswich, Mass. 

These clients would tell me that their beach walk coaching session impacted them for weeks, months and even years later.  Some still write to tell me that their coaching walk was a defining moment in their lives. (Coaching testimonials can be viewed here: (

Often, I would suggest a beach walk session after we already did some mental clearing of limiting thoughts and beliefs using my proprietary “Rewriting the Script” tool.

 We need both—emotional and physical release.

I intuitively knew that walking was another significant way for my clients to physically release old patterns and also step into new life stories based on intentions we set together beforehand.  From a scientific point of view, walking with intention changes the neural pathways in the brain, in much the same way as instilling the new beliefs that I help clients create works.

I also encourage my clients to see chiropractors, massage and polarity therapists and other body healers to complement the empowering mental work I do with them to create new dreams and life stories based on strong foundations of self-love.

“Right now, in this instant, your brain is at the ready to resume its job of figuring out new, more evolved and satisfying ways for you to act and be,” explains Anat Baniel in her book, Move Into Life. “While we don’t directly experience the workings of our brains, we can experience them in the way our bodies feel, in our movements, in the increased clarity of our thoughts, in the feelings of joy and optimism.  This is what we all long for, that sense of freedom, the feeling of personal power, of ever-growing mastery—of vitality.”

As adults, according to Baniel, many of us act in predictable, routine ways that help us be productive, efficient and practical.  Yet, often we start “to coast,” slowing down our brains, repeating patterns that no longer enliven us.

“Eventually, with no significant change, our lives become habitual, and we begin to deteriorate in the ways we think, move and feel,” Baneil notes in her book.

 Baniel outlines many simple, subtle body movements and mental exercises to help awaken your vitality. 

“Movement with attention” is Baniel’s number one of “Nine Essentials” for providing our brains with exactly what they need to thrive.  The others, which are listed on pages 260 and 261 of her book, include: 

  • Turning on the learning switch
  • Subtlety
  • Variations
  • Slow
  • Enthusiasm
  • Holding goals loosely
  • Imagining and dreaming
  • Awareness

To learn more details, check out her website:

“There is a direction to human life, a curve we can create, always moving from chaos and emptiness to greater order and richness,” Baniel states.  “There is no perfection toward which we must aspire, no fixed standards of the right or correct way to do things in order to have vitality, success, and satisfaction.  Rather, our challenge is to be involved in the process of continued exploration.  When we aren’t, when we stop for too long, we begin experiencing the stuckness, the fatigue, the waning of interest, the defeat—the loss of vitality.”

To feel alive, enthusiastic and vitally engaged in our lives we must welcome the new.  Releasing the old ways of being or thinking through movement helps. 

Children intuitively and spontaneously express the vitality of life and joyful self-expression through movement, as depicted in this photo above from Beth Scanzani at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, Mass.


(Repeat daily upon waking and before going to sleep)

 1.  I allow myself to become aware of how I move my body throughout the day.

 2.  I allow myself to embrace body work as part of my healing and self-care routines.

 3.  I allow myself to move and embrace vitality through the power of my body.




A great way to physically “let go” or “let in” is by experiencing Gail’s coaching while walking


  • Is there a new dream you would like to walk into and claim?
  • Is there a behavior, belief or even a relationship you would like to leave behind or add to your life at this juncture?

Gail is now scheduling her innovative coaching work on the sands of Crane Beach in Ipswich. Early morning and late afternoon sessions are available.  Weekend slots are limited.

For more information, please call Gail:



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