My Christmas angel arrived early this year


“And the Angel said, ‘I have learned that every man lives, not through care of himself, but by love.'”
– Leo Tolstoy

I was having one of those pre-holiday weeks when the stress seemed to be escalating.  Besides feeling scattered in too many directions like many others at this time of the year, I kept confronting technical challenges.

One day my computer printer died.  The next I lost the cable connection to my TV.  A week earlier my email accounts got all scrambled.

Those who know me well wisely choose to stay clear of me when I get frustrated by a mechanical problem.  I am simply at my very worst behavior—even after taking deep breaths and counting backwards from 10, as some stress experts suggest.

So, on the day the Verizon repairman was to come fix my TV cable, I was not in the most cheerful holiday mood.  Rushing to be home at the scheduled three-hour timeframe of his arrival was another “to do” item on an already long list of errands.

Upon greeting Verizon’s technician Mike, a burly man with kind eyes, I set an intention to make this repair as pleasant an experience as possible by treating him with the utmost respect. 

I also knew instantly that the person in front of me was another one of those human angels.  He replaced the cable connector within five minutes, but then did something extraordinarily generous.   He stayed an hour to help me fix the surround sound on my stereo and connect it up to my TV—a task I had repeatedly tried to do on my own without success.

I offered to pay him for his time, but he refused, saying, “This is the type of thing I like to do for people for Christmas.” 

Mike exemplified the spirit of the season, and one of the greatest ways to add joy to our own and others’ lives:  extend ourselves in service to others. 

As you rush through your days these next few holiday weeks, I wonder if you may take some time to pause and appreciate those who have been angels in your life. 

 Or, better yet, ponder how you can be an angel to someone else.

 Happy holidays!


 “Angels help us remember, when the urgencies screaming for attention make us forget, when we feel so estranged by stress or worldliness that we miss the many-splendoured things. They remind us to look beyond our everyday circumstance or stress.”  –Timothy Jones


(Repeat daily upon waking and before going to sleep)

1.  I allow myself to receive the generous kindness of another.

2.  I allow myself to extend in service to another.

 The golden angel ornament pictured above belongs to photographer and friend Beth Shedd. It once belonged to Beth’s favorite “Angel,” her Nana, and reminds her yearly to remember, treasure and continue looking for the many angels who surround us daily.


 –Investing in your health and well-being is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others. 

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  • Dijana Winter says:

    I love this and believe it is my favorite, yet!
    Much joy and many blessings,

    • Gail says:

      Thank you, Dijana. Your love and wisdom have inspired and helped me appreciate the many angels who appear in our lives. Sweet holidays to you. Love, Gail

  • On our recent road trip, Dale and I began listening to a book on CD called “The Fred Factor.” It’s about people like your Mike who are willing to extend themselves beyond what’s expected. You give great invitations for us to be aware of the angels who cross our path, as well as the opportunities for us to be angels ourselves! Happy Holidays! Lyndra

    • Gail says:


      Thanks for sharing the CD that touched you, as my “angel” did for me. Wishing you and Dale a magical holiday…Love, Gail

  • AVA says:

    Gail, your sweet message is so appreciated and it helped remind me to notice all the angels in my own life. Thanks and happy holidays to you. I will look forward in 2013 to the ways you continue to uplift us all through your writing.

  • Dick Joseph says:

    Gail, You have an amazing way of expressing the importance of the “little” things that come into our lives. The idea of “paying it forward” is so incredibly powerful that we often forget how important it is to do something nice…just because. As it did with you, the simple gift of kindness can change a life in ways that go far beyond the simple act. Your words inspire! Thank you.

    • Gail says:

      And thank you, Dick, for your simple gift of kindness and taking time to write such a sweet note during this busy time of year. Happy holidays. Gail

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