My Thanksgiving wish for you…

Gail Jones - Thanksgiving1I thank you all for staying with me through the many reinventions of my life—particularly my last one through a health scare.

Each transition brought me deeper into connecting with what truly matters: that we are at our very core LOVE. Each moment we have the choice whether to live in love or fear.

Sometimes we need a helping hand to make that choice when life circumstances challenge us. I am so grateful for the support I have received from and given to so many through the years to help align with that “knowing” of our innate lovability.

That sense of love was further strengthened for me these past few months through participating in a “40 days of gratitude” circle with four others.  We met weekly and each day tracked at least five things for which we felt grateful.

This Thanksgiving my wish for you is that wherever you are, and whoever you are with, that you make a choice to live from gratitude by asking “How can I serve as a loving presence in this moment?” If you get stuck, remember despair and gratitude cannot co-exist at the same time.  You have a choice.

For me, I will miss my children, my friends and other family members who are 3,000 miles away, but the space I hold in my heart for all of them is as large as ever (and even bigger now with a new son-in-law and his large extended family).

I am choosing to move from grieving the lack of my loved ones’ presence this Thanksgiving to relishing my new connections in Arizona, and giving back by spending the day working in a soup kitchen serving food to the homeless.

In the months ahead, as I continue rebranding my business, I will be sharing some powerful tools and many more concepts about creating happier and more fulfilling lives by expanding ourselves in love.  I look forward to continuing our journey together in new ways.

Happy Thanksgiving!


With gratitude,




My continued thanks to my talented friend, Beth Shedd, of PhotOptimist for yet another beautiful blog graphic, using her original photography.



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