Powered Up

“There’s no limit possible to the expansion of each one of us.” –Charles M. Schwab

Living without electricity for four days after Hurricane Irene hit, I learned about power, particularly the type of strength that resides within us.

Specifically, when something beyond our control (like a storm) strikes our lives, we get one more chance to practice letting go and trusting in a spiritual power greater than ourselves.

Hearing all the hurricane warnings, I prayed for my daughter’s safe arrival back to college in North Carolina. Paradoxically, the day after the hurricane blew through the Northeast, my daughter was happily sunning on campus in 90 degree weather and I was sitting in Topsfield, Mass. without electricity.

By this point in the summer, my fourteen-year-old son and I had bonded quite nicely, through our bike riding and kayaking adventures. We did not need a storm to bring us together. Then, as so often happens when we surrender outcomes, I got a surprise call from a friend and potential colleague, who was once my children’s babysitter. Now a therapist who works with children, she asked if she could stay with me during the storm. Her presence in our home came at exactly the right time, as having a guest who loves kids was definitely a plus. The way she communicated with my son helped me learn to listen more carefully to the needs of a teenager. She arrived after I was thinking, “I’d prefer not to be alone during this storm.”

All sorts of other support came forth. My social media publicist, absolutely the best in the business (check out OnlineAmplify), was able to post my blogs and other materials of mine during the storm as she has access as an administrator to my accounts. If you ever wonder if your team is worth their money, wait until you feel “power-less” and see how they back you up.

My carpenter friend showed up free-of-charge to fix the gate that blew off my fence, and the electrician in a business network group of mine agreed to make some minor repairs.

Vulnerable moments allow us, if we are willing, to receive. By filling up with the support and care of others, we can more easily claim our own power (whether we have electricity or not).

My life post-storm is busy, as I am engaged with writing, teaching, coaching and networking activities in new ways. I respect and appreciate the team behind me as I go forward in continuing to step to the plate more expansively, saying “yes” to all the opportunities before me.

Next week I am co-hosting a major networking event for members of a Linked In Group (http://connectednorthshoresept14th.eventbrite.com) and the following month I will be a guest on a local TV show (details to follow in future blogs).

The power outage gave me downtime to rest, regroup and connect with friends. Now, I am recharged and ready to go, sharing my gifts and talents in a bigger way. I feel more alive than ever.

Is there a part of you wanting to be expressed, or a way you want to live more expansively? Fall is the perfect time for new beginnings. Choose a goal that helps you aim high, and decide today to live into your innate bigness. All the power you need resides within you. Claim it.


Write out the statement below long-hand a few times each day. Then, repeat out loud as frequently as you desire, but especially in the morning and at night when in restful states. Track evidence daily of ways you are expanding.

1. I allow myself to expand into the full expression of myself.

Beth Shedd’s magnificent photo of this expanse of the Grand Canyon inspires us to see the vastness of our being, and claim it with our daily actions, beliefs and thoughts.


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