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Testimonial from Randy Peyser, CEO of Author One Stop, Inc.

Honored to receive this surprise testimonial from Randy Peyser, CEO of I led Randy through an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) session, helping her release pain, fear and worry from a complex dental surgery. In this process, I intuited other ways to help Randy move forward into new levels of joy, based on my proprietary worthiness platform.


 “Working with Gail has brought a new level of growth to my concept of worthiness. Just when I thought I understood the self-worth element of life, Gail has opened my eyes to even more ways to accept myself and achieve what I want and deserve. Using tools and exercises through neuroscience, EFT tapping, meditation, and vision boarding, we have unearthed new ways for me to guide myself and set boundaries when needed. 

Claiming my worthiness to live is my number one goal as I travel life with cancer. Overcoming fears and understanding my strength and capabilities are integral to my future health, and Gail has helped me to more sharply define these attributes for which I am so proud!”

~ Ellen Williamson, Raleigh, NC.


 “Gail Kauranen Jones found me in a very lost and sad place. Within 30 minutes of our first session I felt so connected and safe talking to her. She helped me identify patterns in my life that were negatively affecting me and taught me how to break them and replace them with healthier ones. I am beyond grateful for her help and am so happy with the new positive journey I am on! Thanks again, Gail.”
~ Summer Hightower, (18-year-old)


“Even after 40 years of marriage, we deepened our connection thanks to Gail’s knowledge and diversity of techniques.  She brought us to a clearer understanding of each other’s personality, prosperity beliefs and misperceptions of our worthiness. 

Working with Gail as a couple has truly been enlightening to us as we learned more about each other, not just ourselves. My husband and I definitely both have a newfound belief of our worthiness in which to flourish within our relationship and our individual businesses.

 Gail is a gold mine of resources, well trained in the latest in neuroscience and energy psychology work. She always tells us ‘we’re going deep!’ And she does and we love it!

We are reaping the benefits of the permanent changes in our thought processes and behaviors and we have a lot of fun together putting her techniques into practice.”

 ~ Denise Souza, Denise Souza Wellness, Raleigh, NC. 


 “I want want to let my friends, and everyone really, know about the amazing Gail Kauranen Jones. Socrates famously said, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ Everyone can benefit from the neutral point of view of a great personal coach to help us examine our lives more thoroughly.  It helps if that coach has a wealth of personal and professional experience from which to draw. It helps more if they are the author of a good book, ( and the author of their personal destiny. 

I have been working with Gail for a few months helping me uncover and unblock some of my limiting patterns. She has the most remarkable talent for honing in on the beliefs that keep us stuck in the past and then helping create new empowering ones. 

 If you know me and of my background then you know I’m no stranger to how the mind works. I’ve studied NLP and neurofeedback and I actively work at self-improvement. I’m quite simply blown away with my progress since we’ve been working together. Find out more about this amazing lady or, even better, set up a time to talk about how she can help you rediscover your inner light and then let it shine!  Give her a call. You’ll thank me later! “  

~ Dr. Brett Hightower, Midtown Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Raleigh, NC.

“Life is meant to be lived–FULLY!!! 

But how can I live an elevated life, when I’m not able to accept my own self-worth?
As a recent retiree, I was lost. I had no direction going forward. Then came Gail…

Through her ‘clearing’ techniques, and expertise in neuroscience, we were able to break down the self-imposed walls that I had built up over the years, and she helped me feel safe opening up in new ways for the first time.  She understands in-depth the male psyche and has a large ‘tool chest’ of resources which she generously shares.  

 Gail’s intuitive style, compassionate and loving presence, calming voice, and gentle determination took me to my core. From there, we were able to rebuild my sense of worthiness to live my best life, and create a new vision going forward. I am excited to create a new second of life! “

~ Doug Campbell, Boston, MA. 


“I’ve had the opportunity to be coached by Gail and the results have been fantastic.  Gail has helped me navigate a particularly difficult life transition and has taught me several techniques to overcome anxiety and toxic thought patterns.  Being able to feel worthiness and peace through challenging periods of stress is remarkable.  I’ve learned to deal with negative thoughts and feelings instead of ignoring and hoping they would go away.  She has the ability to connect and listen to you in a way I’ve rarely seen.  I highly recommend Gail to anyone looking to better themselves and wanting more out of life.”  

 ~ Paulo Simoes, Founder/Creative Director, BriosMedia, Wake Forest, NC.


“In just the few short weeks Gail began working with me, she has had a significant impact on my life. 

Her unique style of coaching, in combination with an array of tools of utilizing neuroscience, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other energy healing techniques, helped me trust and believe in myself for the first time in 57 years!. Each session I continue to grow, with an elevated sense of self-confidence and worthiness. 

As a frontline anesthetic nurse at the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK, I have had to face many challenges at home and at work, especially in light of COVID-19.  To stay strong and healthy, I have used many techniques before, including the EFT tapping sequence, HeartMath tools for heart and brain coherence and neuroscience.

Despite this, no words or techniques have embraced me as much as Gail’s calm, heart-centered and focused ‘one-on-one sessions’ where I learned self-acceptance, and gained greater clarity and belief in my dreams. 

Gail is an open, terrific listener, who is honest, kind and direct, with an intuitve gift for identifying the subconscious limiting beliefs that block forward movement. And, as a wordsmith, she is able to craft empowering new beliefs that are customized specifically for me. 

Though my work with Gail is still ongoing, her sessions have given me renewed hope, and an expanded sense of purpose and enthusiasm to convert my dreams into reality. I’m so grateful to have come across Gail and highly recommend her coaching for anyone wanting to move forward in his or her life.” 

~ Brenda Fernandes, United Kingdom.