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Recipient of Brainz Magazine’s prestigious CREA global award given to creative entrepreneurs making a difference in the field of mental health. Gail was given this award for several related articles she wrote on worthiness and self-esteem as executive contributor to the magazine.

Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper Article #1

Creating Space for Love In Your Life Is an Act of Self-Care. Here’s How to Be Brave Enough to Let Love In

Not too long ago, I was flat on my back for eight weeks, staring out the window as I healed from severe Covid. This experience transformed me.  Not only is my heart more open, but also the chosen pace of my life has become blissfully content and more balanced.  No more rushing or willing.

Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper Article #2

6 Ways to Claim Your Worthiness

Worthiness is an inside job. It’s not based on external circumstances. You create the belief and feelings that will help elevate the circumstances.

Segment on CBS

I had to learn how to give self-worth to myself first.” 

~Gail Kauranen Jones

Gail shares three ways to start on your worthiness journey today:
  1. Set aside 20 minutes a day to do nothing.
  2. Tell yourself: I allow myself to know I am worthy, in the morning and evening.
  3. Track your worthiness by actually writing down evidence of seeing it in your life.

Radio interview on SiriusXM

We are not our circumstances. A curveball like the pandemic or cancer forces us to go inward, and that’s where change happens.” 

~Gail Kauranen Jones

Learn more in her recent interview at “In-depth with Larry Flick,” where Gail offers unique insights into how these times can help renew our sense of worthiness.

Live Boldly podcast with Sara Schulting kranz

Gail Jones

“What would your life look like if you knew you were worthy?”

~Gail Kauranen Jones

Learn more about finding worthiness post trauma on this episode of Live Boldly.

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