Purposefully Pulled

One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice — though the whole house began to tremble and you felt the old tug at your ankles. “Mend my life!” each voice cried. But you didn’t stop. You knew what you had to do.” –Mary Oliver, from her poem, “The Journey”

The healthy ways I distracted myself when I hit frustrations earlier this year are now paying off. By turning my attention away from the negativity of life’s challenges, and holding out for a feeling of “rightness,” I created space in my life for new expressions of my soul to emerge.

Coming forward full force, my expanded dream now has me jumping out of bed in the morning, or running from the shower with my hair dripping wet, so I can jot down all my ideas.

After months of busyness in all sorts of diversely creative and professional ways, I have landed on new ground with a sense of clarity, focus and purpose. Feeling content, whole and unstoppable, I refuse to let any naysayers (including any of my own sabotaging thoughts) into this powerful realm of unlimited possibilities. I am managing my time and inner circle of support with exquisite care. You are either on board with me or you are not– no half-hearted commitments here, from me or anybody else. I am taking the plunge and immersing myself into bringing forth new material, in a new way, to a new audience in a joyful life of service.

Like with a newborn baby, I need to cradle my dream privately a tad bit longer to protect its sweet vulnerability. The specifics will be divulged slowly and with great discernment to those who earn my trust as I share in their unfolding.

Yet, this dream is big, very big indeed. The reason for its vastness is that it serves the greater good. Unlike my ego-inspired drive from my early 20s, this pull is different. It is not about “me.” I am only the vehicle to bring divinely guided work to the masses.

Rather, this new dream takes all the pieces of my life puzzle, assembles them perfectly, and easily delivers the best players to join me in delivering them in a broader way that improves others’ lives early on. My job is to continue following the momentum, trusting that the additional resources required will arrive as needed. No begging, willing, or reaching is necessary. I have done my part in preparing my soul to contribute in a larger way, from taking public speaking classes to associating with people who can comprehend and embrace my mission.

Beyond the physical tasks of readying myself, I took another huge step for me. I honored the suggestions from those who have known and cared for me for a long time. By suspending my ego again to listen to my dear friends’ kind and generous offerings and feedback, I was able to stay open to receiving more details of how best to move forward. These wise friends of mine also confirmed my “knowing” that this next step is a risk worth taking, despite all the unknowns ahead.

Equally important, in this new dream for second-half of life, I am practicing what I have long preached: engaging a team to support me. No more solo journeys on the road to success. It is time to live more abundantly, sharing and collaborating with trustworthy people who come to the plate with me in service of the greater good. A team like that is sure to win, even though keeping score is not the focus. Acting on passion, purpose and intuition to deliver excellence is the motivator here.

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Beth Shedd’s photo reminds us to surround ourselves with a supportive team as we boldly move towards our dreams.

BELIEF TIPS OF THE WEEK for Purposefully Pulled:

Write out the statements below long-hand a few times each day. Then, repeat out loud as frequently as you desire, but especially in the morning and at night when in restful states:

1. I allow myself to let go of the ego’s panic-driven method of pushing for quick answers and direction.

2. I allow myself to stay open to the quieter, gentler and sometimes slower ways in which my inner guidance pulls me rightly forward.

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