Redirecting In Multiple Ways


“When your life takes a new direction, that is a part of your growth. Balance is taking place.”—Catherine Ponder, Open Your Mind to Receive.

Waking up full of passion with a clear direction, I am in awe of the magic that happens when we finally listen and act on inner nudges.

Four years ago I wrote in a journal at Gregg Levoy’s “CALLINGS” workshop that it was my life purpose to “write from the heart” and be paid well for it. Through this blog, my e-newsletters and bi-weekly column on change that I wrote for the local newspaper, I have indeed shared my innermost thoughts and feelings—engaging my heart with readers.

However, in re-reading those same seminar notes, I also jotted down others’ observations, particularly my leadership and visionary skills which I often use in my life coaching work. I feel compelled now to integrate all of my talents—writing, coaching and leading. One of the calls I heard, wrote down, but did not act on then was to own a writing business.

Instead, afraid to digress too far from my coaching business I had worked so hard to build, I focused on elevating myself publicly in that arena. Then, the recession hit, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not grow my private coaching niche in a way I needed as a sole breadwinner supporting two children.

Frustrated, I looked for many opportunities to supplement my income, before getting my huge “ah-ha.” The way I have personalized my writing is now needed by most professionals to stay competitive and engage with their clients. The social media craze –and online presence increasingly required to thrive in business– necessitates a whole new way of communicating.

Collaborating with like-minded others &  creating multiple- income streams
are the new models for success for many entrepreneurs.

The fact that I am a coach AND a writer brings a depth and integrity to the manner in which I can help others articulate their messages. Yet, I needed other technical and strategic skills to expand.

Through a serious of serendipitous events (stories which I will share in next week’s blog: “Great Minds Dress and Win Alike”), I found the partner whose skills totally complement mine. Sharing my hunch on the need for a business that offered high quality blog and content writing, she and I acted…and fast. We created Blogger Pros.

We just “knew” we were ready to ride a new wave of opportunity and that we each have what it takes to offer high quality content in diverse, unique and comprehensive ways. Within 24 hours, we had a new business Facebook page and within three days, more than 1,000 people had viewed our work.

Co-creating is effortless, fun and engaging. There are many more stories of us I will be sharing as our business adventure evolves (including why our new Facebook page has the #1 after our business name).

For you, my readers, it is my hope that if you also find yourself challenged by current circumstances, that you stay open to redirecting, acting on your inner knowing.  As Catherine Ponder wrote in Open Your Mind to Receive:

“As a progressive and growing being, you are where you are that you may learn, that you may grow. As you learn the lesson which any circumstance contains for you, that circumstance passes away and gives place to other, better circumstances and surroundings.”

Come grow with me, dear readers and clients.  And, if you feel inspired to “like” Blogger Pros or “tweet” or “share” our work below, my partner and I would be most grateful. 

Beth Shedd’s photo of the tree roots expanding in an integrated manner exemplifies the multiple-income stream model of success—and the strength of collaborating by being interconnected.


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