Hi, my name is Gail Jones and I am a Worthiness Coach.


I have been a life coach for 20 years, but in 2012 I was delivered a huge curveball – a breast cancer diagnosis!  I went to three different healers and naturopaths and heard a consistent message that claiming my worthiness to LIVE could positively impact my health. , and maybe even extend my longevity.


I spent some time in solitude and reflected on my life and realized there was indeed a lack of worthiness in other areas of my life through no fault of my own.  I had a schizophrenic.


Like many others, I didn’t get the basic early life conditioning and nurturance that instills a solid sense of worthiness.


Despite my many external achievements, on the inside I was hurting.


So, I had to learn how to give self-worth to myself first.  As I conquered cancer, I delved deep into research.

When you are grounded in your worthiness, you get much clearer about creating what you want, versus reacting from the past.


Now I help other people find their worthiness. Therapy is telling the story and confronting the problems. CLAIMING YOUR Worthiness is rewiring the brain to move forward, with new beliefs, intentions and actions.


I help people who are feeling stuck and blocked—like people in transition from job change, relationship challenge, grief,


Or who feel lost, like empty nesters to many younger people today dealing with challenges of the pandemic.


People who feel like their life isn’t changing and they don’t know why.


The pandemic is the best time to do this work because the world is NOW IN A PAUSE AND many of us have been called to stillness.


We have the quiet and alone time right now. We’re never going back to the old normal—I see us moving towards a BETTER normal.


We are not our circumstances, and when we focus on those, we will stay stuck. When we focus on our worthiness, we move forward.


Here are three ways you can start on your worthiness journey today.


#1) Number one: You need time alone to just be. Set aside 20 minutes a day to do nothing. You need to get your body in a restful state to create anew. If you’re running around and don’t have that space, you won’t change. Plus, 20 minutes a day is telling yourself that you’re worthy for me time. Change happens in this gap.


#2) Number two: Tell yourself, “I allow myself to know that I’m worthy”. Some may call it a mantra or affirmation, but I call it an allowing statement. Tell yourself this the first 5 minutes in the morning and then again the 5 minutes before you go to bed at night. It’s like downloading the software into the hardware. It’s what last goes into your brain before sleeping.


#3) Number three: Track your worthiness and actually write it down. For example, NOTICE if you are seeing higher quality relationships, more money, performing better at work, or just more regularly feeling that you’re enough. The physical act of writing it down trains the brain to look for more of it.


Please KNOW this:  We are ALL born worthy. And we CAN claim or reclaim it. It’s a daily practice we can all do.


It’s worth it–to live our best life NOW!