Spinning New Possibilities


 “Limitations live only in our minds.  But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”

 —Jamie Paolinetti, one of the most experienced journeymen in American cycling. 

I have entered a new zone of late, both on a spin bike and in reclaiming a quiet space for my soul to allow and receive in new outcomes.

Initially hesitant to raise my heart rate through more intense aerobic activity, I took on the challenge of spinning to find new ways to bond with my teenage children.  Plus, I had all those extra holiday calories to burn off as quickly as possible.  Working the front desk of a health club as I do part-time, I now feel more compelled to be a model for fitness.

 The first try at spinning was hard, and I thought I would never make it through the 45-minute class.  The next time I took a 55-minute class.  By the third class, I was addicted, feeling connected to my fellow exercise buddies (both my children and other “spinners”) in very powerful ways.  There is camaraderie to working independently towards similar health goals. I imagine marathon runners and other athletes feel that same surge of connection that keeps them motivated to reach new milestones they may not have attained on their own.

Spinning at my health club is done in a dark room, led by a personal trainer, with loud music that is carefully selected to set the pace and keep the participants motivated to push through any resistance of losing momentum or completing the class. 

In that darkened space, connected and focused on my body, the “I” of me disappears, and I have not a care in the world—sort of like reaching a Zen state in meditation.  Looking over at my children during separate workouts with each of them, I feel a deepened sense of love for them, watching them expand in life by pushing their bodies to new heights.  I also value the uniqueness of how they each approach the challenge differently. One is more cautious, carefully pacing the workout.  The other is full-speed ahead, pushing the body to the maximum.

By relishing the care-free, worry-free space within my mind that comes from spinning, I stay in longer periods of wonderment throughout my days.   When required, I still push through mental challenges as I would in climbing a steep hill on a bike. 

Increasingly, however, I am learning to accept that the newness of each day of life, and the outcomes I desire, come as much from letting go as in pushing forward– in the same way my body is relaxed and operating more efficiently after a demanding workout.

Spinning for me is an action-based way to achieve the stillness of a meditative state—and to expand with the company of others while honoring my own needs for solitude. 

Equally important, getting out of my head and into the wisdom my body has become a quick way to help shift perspective and open my life to new possibilities.

When in doubt or frustrated about any circumstance now, I head to the gym—and cheerfully mount a spin bike, ready to be led through new mental and physical terrain while fondly recalling bonding moments with my children at my side.


I allow myself to keep a space in my life (and in my mind) for new possibilities.

 Beth Shedd’s magnificent photo of the Ferris wheel spinning shows the majestic possibilities of staying open amidst the turns of life.


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  • Bev Wax says:

    Hi Gail,

    I miss spinning…it was my way too of finding that care-free worry-free space. Perhaps by reading your posts, I will be able to afford a health club in the New Year. I would absolutely love to work part-time at the front desk of one…but jobs like that around here are in high demand…I will keep trying though!

    • Gail says:

      Hi Bev:

      Great to hear from you and learn that you also loved the highs one can get from spinning. I “attracted” my job at the health club using my vision board, and imagining daily that I would find a fun, social part-time job to offset the solitary aspects of my coaching, writing and single-parenting life. I also declined another job that was less social, refusing to settle. Instead, I sold myself as a coach (and former PR executive) who works well with people and can relate to the clientele that comes to the health club. Keep dreaming, and focusing on your desired outcomes (versus what you lack). It takes vigilance to monitor our thoughts in this way, much like the discipline of exercise to tone our bodies and commit to health. Yet, knowing you, and your great perseverance, I have no doubt you can make similar, if not better, shifts. Keep me posted. And have fun creating a vision board, if so inspired. Gail

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