Staying healthy in uncertainty


“There are three things that are critical for healing– It’s what you eat, moving your body, and learning how to reset your nervous system.”

Dr. Mark Hyman, a New York Times best-selling author and a leader in functional medicine.



Learning to live with increased levels of uncertainty is the major challenge facing many people now.

Kindness, compassion and gentleness towards others and ourselves can help strengthen us. Appreciation for beauty, nature and the simple things in life also help create inner peace.

Yet, let’s not undermine the fact that for many there is a feeling of loss of control as the news around the world is spinning in so many scary directions. Those feelings can trigger some of us back to earlier life events where we might have felt extremely vulnerable and out of control.

For me, this new uncertainty mirrors the change in psyche I (and many of my clients went through when they were newly diagnosed with cancer or faced another major life curveball like job loss, financial setbacks, or divorce). There is no specific script for moving from the known and familiar to embracing an unfolding new life.

With cancer, for example, there is so much waiting after diagnosis, first to see if you will live or die, and/or what stage of disease has impacted your body, and then what the next steps may be to heal. With that sudden sense of loss of control, anything you have done up to this point may no longer seem relevant. You must accept “a new normal,” as many people moving through grief also are challenged to embrace.

Now, we’re all “waiting” to see how a virus will impact our health, economy and lifestyle for months and years to come.

The world has changed.

Yet, what has not changed is our ability to control our thoughts and change our mindset, just as I once did in choosing to live from love over fear eight years ago when I was told I had breast cancer. Was my diagnosis a death sentence or wake up call?

I chose to use it to redirect my life in new ways. Here is what I learned from digging deep to help others:

  1. Our body has an innate ability to heal (and up to an estimated 97-98 percent of those with the coronavirus will heal and fully recover).


  1. Claiming our worthiness to live can extend our longevity (as I will explain in future blog posts and is detailed in my book,


  1. Calming the mind and resting the body by getting out of stressful “fight-or-flight” modes of thinking are key to healing. Using “energy as medicine,” including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), can immediately create relief from distress. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., a world expert in consciousness science, biology immunity and health, explains the fear response this way: “As presented in The Biology of Belief, stress is responsible for up to 90 percent of illness, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. When an individual is in stress, the release of stress hormones (e.g., cortisol) shuts down the immune system to conserve the body’s energy for running away from the perceived stressor, that proverbial ‘saber-toothed tiger.’ Stress hormones are so effective at compromising the immune system, that physicians therapeutically provide recipients of organ transplants with stress hormones to prevent their immune system from rejecting the foreign implant. The conclusion is clear: The fear of the coronavirus is more deadly than the virus itself!


  1. Doing something every day, preferably early in the morning, that brings you joy can elevate your life. Changing your energy is how you change your life, as Dr. Joe Dispenza, a leading neuroscientist with whom I trained, repeatedly says.


I believe the most important thing we can do for ourselves, our families, our friends, and all of humanity is to focus on getting into a love-based consciousness. Light overcomes dark. Bless versus judge. Support and encourage instead of criticize. Forgive versus hold a grievance.

If you would like to more rapidly embrace that love-based consciousness for optimal health, please email me at to learn about my coaching programs offered by phone or video conferencing.

Relax, get comfortable in your own home, and stay open to a new way of thinking and believing that can bring you peace, calm and unlimited possibilities.

Here is a recent testimonial of my coaching using new tools based on neuroscience and EFT:

“I want to let my friends, and everyone really, know about the amazing Gail Kauranen Jones. Socrates famously said, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ Everyone can benefit from the neutral point of view of a great personal coach to help us examine our lives more thoroughly.  It helps if that coach has a wealth of personal and professional experience from which to draw. It helps more if they are the author of a good book, ( and the author of their personal destiny. 

I have been working with Gail for a few months helping me uncover and unblock some of my limiting patterns. She has the most remarkable talent for honing in on the beliefs that keep us stuck in the past and then helping create new empowering ones.

 If you know me and of my background then you know I’m no stranger to how the mind works. I’ve studied NLP and neurofeedback and I actively work at self-improvement. I’m quite simply blown away with my progress since we’ve been working together. Find out more about this amazing lady or, even better, set up a time to talk about how she can help you rediscover your inner light and then let it shine!  Give her a call. You’ll thank me later!”  –Dr. Brett Hightower, Midtown Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Raleigh, NC.


And, if you’re in the Raleigh/Cary, N.C. area, please come hike with my new “outside networking” groups. We are building community in nature as we move into greater states of health and well-being. One group meets Monday mornings at 10 to 11:30 a.m., and the other, Thursday evenings, 5:30 to 7 p.m. (Check out Recreational Hikers to learn more.)

Step out of fear and into love, with someone who has been there through one of the scariest health challenges of all.

With love and blessings,


P.S.-The above photo is of Lake Crabtree, Cary, N.C., which is adjacent to the hiking trail of my new outside “networking” group.




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  • And if you have never experienced EFT/Tapping before and are skeptical, see what doctors have to say:

    Dr. Mark Hyman, the New York Times best-selling author and functional doctor quoted above:

    “Tapping is one of the most directed and powerful ways to peel those layers away of chronic stress. It’s very effective for very difficult problems,” says Dr. Hyman says.

    * * *

    Dr. David Feinstein, a clinical psychologist and internationally recognized leader in the rapidly emerging field of Energy Psychology. His scientific papers have provided a foundation for understanding how it is possible to quickly and non-invasively alter brain chemistry for therapeutic gain:

    “We live in a challenging world right now and having the ability to manage our emotions so we’re more effective in the world, more powerful in our ability to reach our highest goals and highest aspirations…This is BIG. This is what energy psychology and EFT are all about.”

    Admitting years ago he was skeptical of EFT, he says he has now seen so many results personally and professionally, that he advocates its use. He also shares there are several current scientific studies, that weren’t available before, that back up results others are getting using EFT.

    “It’s reassuring to know you’re betting on the right horse using EFT…You can change long-standing psychological patterns with energy psychology and tapping. It’s so empowering we’d like children to have it.”

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