Surrender…in honor of Wayne Dyer

Gail’s note:

Today’s post shares a key concept from the spiritual section of my book in development. Surrendering, and letting go of “our way” to make room for new possibilities, is often one of the most challenging, yet liberating tasks of growth.

I created the blog before learning Dr. Wayne Dyer died on Saturday. Wayne Dyer has been a mentor to so many of us.

After pondering how best to honor him with my readers, I opted to share a link from one of his own posts about “surrender.” May you find comfort and guidance in his words.

Here’s some fun inspiration for letting go:


Lean back blog


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  • gail says:

    Wayne Dyer has inspired us in so many ways. And this is JUST IN after his family received the coroner’s report that his body showed no signs of leukemia. Posted by his daughter, Rose Jardín Serena Dyer Pisoni: “I would like to clarify something, so please spread this message. My dad died of a heart related issue. The result of the autopsy showed that there was NO leukemia in his body or in his blood. He believed he had healed himself of this disease and he was right, the doctor confirmed to us he did not have it. So many people are writing to ask why he didn’t treat his leukemia, even indicating it was selfish of him not to, but he knew he did not have it, and it was NOT his cause of death. I want to make this point because my dad lived and breathed the idea that we could heal ourselves of anything, including leukemia, and so many people who follow his teachings have used his work to heal themselves of things that were previously thought to be impossible to heal or cure. I personally will continue to do what my dad always said, be realistic and expect miracles. We, as a family, say this message with much excitement and joy, we are so happy that dad gave us this little blessing of being able to continue his message that when you tap into the power of intention, anything is possible!”

    Thank you, Wayne Dyer and family, for inspiring so many to align with their body’s innate ability to heal. I so look forward to sharing more of Wayne’s hope in my book that describes my own healing journey. Blessings to all, Gail

  • Thanks, Gail, for sharing this post. Yes, I am totally convinced that when we are able to connect directly with universal energy and get out of the way by letting go, the body will heal itself. This is what Wayne Dyer and many others like him are showing is possible. More specifically, what Wayne and others have been discovering is that the price we humans pay for being “civilized” is to become disconnected from universal energy – in other words, the energy that connects us all. To stay disconnected, unlike in the animal kingdom, instead of allowing our early emotional wounding to heal, we humans contract around it physically and bury it in our subconscious. Without our being fully aware, we use this blocked energy as a kind of irritant to drive us forward in order to compete, control and thrive. But the price we pay for this irritant can end up as cancer. Now we have discovered that it is easy to revert momentarily to the connected state. In that state, it is easy and painless to let go of the irritant (the life time of blocked energy). Once we surrender ourselves into the connected state and let go the irritant, we have resolved the resistance that is preventing our bodies from healing naturally. Thanks to Wayne and others like him, we are now remembering what somehow we managed to forget…healing is a natural, painless and harmonious process. This is what I share and teach as an Energy Practitioner.

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Michael: Thanks for sharing your insights as an energy healer on connecting with universal energy and “getting out of the way” to heal. When I was in the Mind Body Program for Cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital, we learned that those who are in a Mind Body Program (versus a support group) lived to 2 to 2.5 times longer. I have been in many other healing circles connected to like-minded energy where I witnessed others healing from the group energy. These are exciting times as more and more brave people like Wayne Dyer share their healing stories. With gratitude, Gail

  • Gail,
    As a mind-body health nurse and psychiatric nurse I once again commend you as a gifted writer and coach. For years you have been steadfast in encouraging people to integrate self-love into their healing process. This is an absolutely critical and essential part that is frequently sidelined by conventional Western medicine . You are truly a wellness revolutionary inspiring many to remember and pay attention to the emotional/mental/spiritual/physical components of healing. I have too often seen among friends and patients that the years before a cancer diagnosis were off-the-charts stressful years! Sometimes it’s work related; other times it’s primary relationship issues that the patient is unable to address without sufficient support. When the dis-ease is “treated” without addressing the underlying causes the medical profession does not engage the full capability of the body’s innate ability to heal itself. With great courage and vulnerability you have shared your personal journey through a very challenging cancer scare. You have set an amazing example of self-love/care and bushwhacked your own way back to health following your inner guidance, hunting down and using every resource possible for both physical and emotional well-being. That sometimes included facing and dealing with deep emotional scars and very trying emotional current situations. You continue to be a real health warrior on the cutting edge of what is possible for true healing.

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Flo: Thanks for sharing your wise and unique insights as a healthcare professional. So often when we veer from the conventional medicine path–or choose to use it AND complementary healing approaches–we are dismissed. Cancer is a lonely enough journey, for few understand the psychological and long-term impact of hearing that diagnosis. For survivors/thrivers, our psyches are often changed forever. Additionally, of the 14 million cancer survivors in the U.S. alone, up to 96 percent of them fear recurrence. Hence, for many survivors/thrivers, the cancer may leave their bodies, but not their minds. Teaching the mind to align with the body’s innate ability to stay healthy is critical, as is helping all those newly diagnosed learn to lessen living from “fight or flight” mode. I appreciate your acknowledgment of my health journey, and am grateful I have the opportunity to share with others HOPE. Blessings, Gail

  • Alice greene says:

    Your tribute to Wayne Dyer is so appropriate, and I first discovered his work when he wrote Erroneous Zones. My favorite quote of his is: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” It’s not easy to believe in what our mind thinks are impossibilities and then surrender and let go to an intention of receiving healing. But we are blessed by those like him and yourself who have discovered the truth and power of metaphysical energy and shared it, despite the stronghold of western medicine and conventional critics. And now there is greater proof in this truth in his passing. He will be very missed.

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Alice: I love that favorite quote of Wayne Dyer’s that you shared. And he LIVED it until the very end, renewing his own health through his thoughts. You also articulated so well the challenge of “surrender.” Like you, I am so grateful Wayne Dyer used his life as example of what it is like to live with intent for expanded possibilities. Yes, he will be missed. Still, even in death, he continues to teach us of new possibilities for living with great health. Gratefully, Gail

  • Deb Busser says:

    Gail – thanks for your tribute to Wayne Dyer, and for reminding me about my choice to ‘surrender’ in every moment – especially when I least feel like it. I am learning that freedom and grace await me on the other side!

  • Jill AZ says:

    Thanks for the tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer. When I was only 18, I ordered some books though a mail order book club where you could get 6 books free if you bought one at regular price. One of the books I chose was, Your Erroneous Zones. I have enjoyed his books for the last 3 decades! My adult daughter had the opportunity to hear him speak at a work conference and she was so impressed and moved by his wisdom. She told me she got tears when she learned of his death.

    Never doubt that we can help bring about positive thinking and lifestyle changes by sharing with others. Dr. Dyer was one of those people.

    Gail – you are also someone who inspires greatly. I forward your website and posts to others across this big planet, when I feel they might enjoy your writings. Again, thanks to all who share positive energy and brighten the light of the world.

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Jill: I love your assertion “Never doubt that we can help bring about positive thinking and lifestyle changes by sharing with others.” Increasingly, I am learning on my healing journey to live from the heart, knowing we are all love and making choices on how to “be” in the world from that belief. Wayne Dyer was such a great leader in teaching us to go within first to change our lives. I can see why your daughter and many others around the world were brought to tears when they learned of his death. I am touched that you find inspiration in my work, too, and have so generously shared it. With gratitude, Gail

  • Cynde Denson says:

    Gail, Thank you for sharing this post and continuring to share your own journey with such fierce courage that is made even more wonderful by your rich writing skills. You are a wonderful woman; inspirting and completely heart-centered. In gratitufe, Cynde

  • Cynde Denson says:

    Gail, How wonderful that you shared this story about Wayne Dyer! You also share your own story with fierce courage and heart-centered intention. Your story of love and healing is so inspiring. With love and gratitude, Cynde

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Thanks, Cynde: I was “called” to share hope for the millions diagnosed (and preferably BEFORE they get sick, especially young adults and kids), to learn to live from love versus fear. It’s “a practice” of doing something many of us were never taught. Your support means so much, as the journey of a pioneer/visionary is sometimes quite lonely. I have SO MUCH to share. Appreciate all those who are hanging in there with me. Love, Gail

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