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ONE-ON-ONE Coaching

Most sessions are 90-minutes, to allow the opening for accelerated and deep healing. A free, 30-minute consult is available for new clients.
Six-week, three-month, and six-month packages are offered.

• Via phone or Zoom

• While hiking/walking, which is a powerful process of letting go of the past, and integrating the new beginning, for select clients.

• In-person in Raleigh and Cary, NC, for specific requests.


• Workshops locally and at national spa and wellness centers

• Circles of guided meditations

• Zoom webinars

PROGRAMS OFFERED at Spas and Wellness Centers (and individually to clients when requested):

• “Creating a new mindset for living and thriving”

• “Claiming your personal power”

• “Instilling a loved-based consciousness”

• Embracing Life Transition: Understanding the Three Stages of creating ANew.

• WHAT’S NEXT: Finding Your Calling, Purpose or Passion.

• “Lakeside Wisdom on Worthiness”–a 5-part series of rewiring the brain to an elevated state of well-being and unlimited possibilities.


For Spas, Wellness Centers &
In Private Homes

Create More Powerfully –
Live More Authentically

(Beyond the Secret and the Law of Attraction)

By dealing at the subconscious level of programming, Gail leads participants to create new empowering beliefs based on higher levels of self-esteem and worthiness. Gail is hired independently to teach on-site at various spas and wellness centers using her proprietary, breakthrough tools.

Coaching Testimonials


“Working with Gail has brought a new level of growth to my concept of worthiness. Just when I thought I understood the self-worth element of life, Gail has opened my eyes to even more ways to accept myself and achieve.. READ MORE..