Thank you…

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”

— Meister Eckhart

I once heard it said that, if at the end of your life you have five good friends to count on, you are blessed.

Developing those types of rich relationships often takes consistent thought and care, extending deeper than the quick messages we send to the hundreds or even thousands of “friends” many of us have on social media.

Acceptance, forgiveness, shared experiences and being present to one another through both the good and bad times helps set the foundation of the more meaningful relationships that help enrich us through life.

Sitting on a deck writing this blog post, viewing the Arizona desert in bloom along with a gorgeous spring sky (as pictured below), I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the friends who have stayed by me through so many transitions.

Their love and support helped me refine my definition of abundance. I now believe to be truly “wealthy” we must have a sense of community. That type of connection is more valuable than any bank account.  Too many people live isolated and alone. Community, like a financial portfolio, can be built—at networking events, church, outdoor activities, volunteer opportunities, music venues, Meetup groups, or places where you connect with people who share your values or passions.

Recently, I had the good fortune to experience another element of solid friendship: being championed.

In a previous blog post I did something very uncomfortable, and asked for help bringing a creative project to fruition, after overextending my own resources as far as I could. Several people came forth helping me raise one-sixth of the total $3K needed to get my book fine-tuned into publisher-ready copy.

Sweet notes of encouragement were attached to readers’ PayPal donations and hand-delivered envelopes. While I am so grateful for the financial contributions, I was also deeply touched by connecting with friends and readers in a more intimate way. Those who wrote had a sense of my purpose, passion and tenacity in honoring my book’s mission of teaching the power of love in healing and prospering.

Their messages made me feel like a runner in the Boston Marathon nearing the finish line, with a cheering squad on the street sides. The final stretch of a creative five-year creative project like mine can be exhausting. I needed the extra body fuel of love to keep going and stay accountable to completing my book.

Many other friends who could not help financially encouraged me in their unique ways. Writing a book that includes one’s personal story is scary to bring to the masses. To have those special close friends I trust who urged me forward when I hit fear and doubt has been an incredible gift.

So, I thank you all for being a part of my life and dream.

Perhaps this study, a research in social psychology, will encourage you, my readers, to go thank someone today. You may be surprised by how rich you suddenly feel.

With gratitude,

NOTE: If you feel inspired to contribute towards my final book expenses, I would be glad to reference your name as a contributor in the acknowledgment section.  

To make a donation, you can email me at for my snail mail address or use PayPal. 

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