The kindness of now

riverbank blog photo“Focus on the moment, not the circumstance.”

—Gail Kauranen Jones, Mind/Body Coach and Author

Living what I teach has always been a priority for me.

So, when I planned to write this blog six weeks ago about “the kindness of now” I could not bring myself to finish it.  I had not completed integrating the focus and discipline it takes to be “in the now.”

Nor did I find the present moment to be very kind, as I worked a challenging temporary job that seemed to trigger every emotional wound from the past.  Later, upon reflection with a dear friend, I learned that this off-the-charts stressful experience was part of my initiation into a new life (which I will share in my next blog, to be posted September 9).

Regrouped and centered, I am currently living many moments “in the now,” celebrating extraordinary love and kindnesses—despite the fact that my circumstances are less than ideal.  When I let go of how everything was “supposed” to unfold, or what challenges I had before me, and breathed in each moment, here is what happened:

  • I was provided a beautiful place to complete the writing of my book (which is described in a past blog) –working daily for five- and six-hour stretches in a screened in porch overlooking gorgeous meadows.  I even get to have tea each day with the homeowner, a beautiful friend whose own journey is in alignment with my book’s mission.  Her husband died of brain cancer five years ago. 
  • I was given technical help to increase my visibility so more people could hear my healing and hopeful messages.
  • I was offered a video shoot by a talented camera man, who also believes in the mission of my book.   The video, which will be shot at the site where I write, will soon be available on my website. It will be the first time I publicly share my expansion into mind/body coaching and my “calling” to help others achieve optimal health and well-being.
  • I was sent plane tickets from my daughter as an early birthday present to visit her and her boyfriend in Atlanta, where I will also get to meet with a dear friend I haven’t seen in 24 years!

Continuing to focus on the more playful side of life, I have serendipitously met some kind new people, while out walking “in the moment” doing what I most enjoy.

And, I take my moments of “now” to the riverbank at the bottom of my street a few evenings a week, dining with take-out meals, witnessing gorgeous views and sunsets (as pictured above in the photo shot from my iPhone).

The paradox of the “now” is that it is so very magically simple, but it takes concentration and vigilance at first to stay there.  Discipline does not seem fun, but gets easier with practice—just like I am finding in writing my book.

The more relaxed mode of summer provides many opportunities to inhale the beauty and wonder of the now.

Let go and see what arrives in your life.

Expecting more miracles,




1.  I allow myself to relax, trusting I am fully supported by a loving and friendly Universe.

2.  I allow myself to receive the blessings of “the now.”

3.  I allow myself to welcome in and embrace all the good life has to offer.



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  • Bless you, Gail

    You always give me what I NEED. I have been working on the NOW…It does require discipline and awareness.

    I’m pleased you have a place of harmony to continue writing. I send you hugs as you send me HOPE.

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Ann Marie: I just love how our like-minds connect as they do..appreciate your hugs and glad my words give you hope. To “discipline” and staying in the NOW. Love, Gail

  • Linda says:

    It is always beautiful to be able to witness our life unfold in magical ways when we finally lean in and surrender to what is.

    Pema Chodron says: “Discipline allows us to be right here and connect with the richness of the moment.” “….this journey of discipline provides the encouragement that allows us to let go. It’s a sort of undoing process that supports us in going against the grain of our painful habitual patterns.”

    May the simplicity of magic continue to shine down upon you.


    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Linda: Thanks for sharing that amazing quote…how very perfect. And I appreciate your good wishes as I stay disciplined to complete my book “moment by moment.” Blessings, Gail

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