The Secret of Becoming Unstuck

…Re-direct your life with a smattering of options

Imperfect action is better than perfect procrastination.” –Author Unknown

Many of my friends and clients (and me included) have been in what seems like an interminable holding pattern, waiting for something “big” to break.

Suspended, we are acquiring new levels of faith and learning to fulfill ourselves with positive words, nurturing support, and huge doses of self-love. Changing our internal mindset is critical to creating new outcomes in our lives.

However, we also need to take risks outside of our comfort zones into something physically new to shift our energy when we feel stuck. The “new economy” is thrusting many out of familiar territory. Creating multiple income streams is becoming the norm for entrepreneurs—as is finding diverse ways to express ourselves beyond “the-one-size-fits-all” structure of traditional 9 to 5 jobs.

Many of my clients are experimenting with shifting from blue-collar to white-collar work and vice versa. One friend, a former millionaire contractor, now dabbles in law. Another man, who once worked in a prestigious, high-six figure job, is contemplating manual labor.

Instead of resisting new avenues, we can view them as opportunities to find a fuller or more authentic expression of ourselves.

For example, I recently accepted a dream part-time job, working the front desk of a health club. In exchange for working at slightly above minimum wage, I get a free health club membership and unlimited tennis. The job is not exclusively about the perks or “the money” (although an upcoming college tuition bill is an incentive to earn extra income). Rather it is in alignment with my own vision board, where I imagined working in “a fun, social job” to offset the solitary challenges of the entrepreneurial life.

I also am using my skills as a former high tech PR executive to promote a band’s gig this weekend (PV AFTER DARK-11-12-11) which is a fun, new expression of an old way of marketing. I opted into this project because the band leader shares my dream of raising funds to extend self-esteem coaching to kids.

Increasingly, I expect we will see more people like the highly gifted, creative client of mine who defines herself as “a master of all trades.” Originally “stuck” because she could not pinpoint one job that would satisfy her professional needs, she is now experimenting with packaging her breadth of expertise to many entrepreneurs who could use all of her skill sets.

Experimenting and taking even a small action step towards “the new” helps us get unstuck. Online job or dating sites are only one method for reaching out. Physically leaving the house and being with real people in many different situations enlivens us even further.

The next job, opportunity or even date does not have to be “the one.” Yet, by exposing ourselves to new situations with positive expectations, we move forward energetically, gaining fresh perspective.

Today, and especially any time you feel stuck, do something new, without attachment to the outcome. Enjoy the diversity of people and tasks. Allow for possibilities to emerge beyond what you “think” is your direction. Trust in a bigger plan for your life. Your only job is to keep stepping to the plate, and saying “yes” to that which makes you feel alive—even when it presents itself as a smattering of options.


1. I allow myself to try a diversity of options for building a career.

2. I allow myself to be open to multiple ways of expressing my talents.

3. I allow myself physically to be out in the world in new ways.

Beth Shedd’s photo of the multi-colored kayaks on the shores of the Charles River, Boston, shows us the vibrant options that life presents us with when we are open to the possibilities.
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  • Denise says:

    Thank you, Gail! Your words are so timely. I think when we find & take opportunities that align with our values and goals, we are in the sweet spot where we find joy.

    • Gail says:

      Denise: So lovely to hear from you. I hope that in appreciating the timeliness of my words that means you are in that “sweet spot” of joy. I surely hope so. Have a great day. Gail

  • Sarah says:

    Nice to get affirmation and motivation in your blogs, always so well written. Love the photo!

    • Gail says:

      Sarah: I am touched by your continued support of my blogs, and yes, today’s photo is gorgeous! My main photographer, Beth Shedd, is quite gifted at finding just the right picture to portray the coaching messages I deliver here. I am most grateful for her work, and the talents of the other photographers (Beth Scanzani and Jay Gramolini) who also generously share their artistic eye with the readers of my blog. Gail

  • Deb says:

    Hi Gail,
    Love that you always have the right message at the right time for me. How do you do that? 🙂 Really helpful reminder to have faith and give myself permission to move forward without having ALL the answers at the same time. In fact, choosing one at a time from the ‘smattering’ might just yield a beautiful mosaic.

  • As a perfectionist in recovery, I love the quote about “imperfect action.” The word that comes to mind as I read your post is “flexibility.” Not always easy but sure does make life go more smoothly and joyfully.

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