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“So much is asked of parents, and so little is given.” ~ Virginia Satir

A note from Gail: In honor of Mother’s Day this year, I am thrilled to announce I will be a key presenter next week at the Bigger Life Summit, May 13 th to 15 th. Designed to help modern parents, caregivers and leaders grow together through the challenges of this new world unfolding, 30 experts—including men and women from a diversity of industries—will uncover practical actions you can take to get unstuck and thrive….one thought, task, and minute at a time. And I am inviting you to attend for FREE by registering here. There will be 10 speakers a day, with 30-minute segments for each.

The goal of this virtual summit is for all of us to authentically connect and design
a better future of work and life together.

Happy Mother’s Day! (And this message is for men as well.)

My wish for you is whether you have a child or not, or whether you were well mothered or not, that you know YOU are worthy of being nurtured and comforted—as well as being seen, heard, validated, and acknowledged.

As I repeatedly share with my executive and personal clients, “Being stoic is a sure way NOT to get your needs met.” Leaning in and receiving support is part of living life as your most worthy self.

In our fast-paced society, with so much validation given for external achievements or status, I hope you can take a moment over the next few days to stop. Pamper you. Indulge in knowing your value for just “being,” not doing. Put all tasks and “to do” lists aside and reflect upon the unique gifts you bring to this world.

In teaching parents how to raise high, self-esteem children, I often begin by recommending they notice the essence of their kids versus focus on their performance. Are they kind, funny, adventurous, smart, thoughtful, creative, silly, empathetic, insightful, stylish, perceptive, caring, or uplifting? What is it about them that melts your

I have lots more to share in next week’s Bigger Life Summit:

In my presentation, scheduled for Tuesday, May 14 th at 12:30 p.m. EST, I will focus on:

  • Breaking generational conditioning around life and work dynamics.
  • Instilling a deep sense of worthiness in both adults and children.
  • Rewiring the brain to embrace a higher vibration of living through gratitude.

To register for the FREE Bigger Life Summit, click here. If you would like an advance full list of the other experts speaking at the 3-day virtual summit, feel free to email me at


Several years ago, I polled my friends, who are mothers and grandmothers, on what wisdom they have to share about raising children. See what still applies today by reading the article which appeared in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. (And, to some of my friends in Boston and Arizona, where I was living at the time I wrote the feature story, you will see yourself in here again. I am curious what motherhood looks like to you now, seven years later, if inspired to post a comment online at the very end of this blog).

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend, savoring the moments of connectedness, in whatever form that takes. And remember, there is a little kid in all of us who could use a little extra attention. Tend to him or her.

With love and gratitude,



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  • Diane Polley says:

    Happy Mothers Day to all those who nurture others. I am enjoying my role now as a Grandmother to 4 unique amazing grandkids. They all know what goes on at Nanas stays at Nanas and anything they discuss goes no further unless i have their permission to share. Its a safe environment offering unconditional love. Still a “‘RHAT” house filled with respect, honesty, accountability and respect.

    • Gail Kauranen Jones (“Coach Gail Jones”—Your worthiness expert) says:

      Diane: Thanks for that beautiful update from when I interviewed you 7 years ago! How very lucky that your now FOUR grandkids have a safe place with Nana to fully express themselves. What a gift…and I love that ‘RHAT’ house:)! Imagine if every child grew up in such an environment. You’re such a wise and inspiring woman:) ox, Gail

  • Mary Mellino says:

    “Leaning in and receiving support is part of living life as your most worthy self……” – since we spoke Gail, I have added this as a collection of notes/mantras to myself on my bathroom mirror.

    Thank you for all of your words. Your message is truly what every mother needs to hear this Mother’s Day!

    • Gail Kauranen Jones (“Coach Gail Jones”—Your worthiness expert) says:

      You’re so welcome, Mary. I am also reminded of that old saying that “It takes a village to raise a child.” We need more villages. So grateful for your virtual “Bigger Life Summit” next week, and the opportunities it will provide for parents, caregivers and leaders to learn and connect at deeper, richer levels. Happy Mother’s Day to YOU…you’ve worked so hard in creating this Summit of 30 diverse experts.

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