Walking a new talk

sunflower blog photo“Within each of us is a spark. Call it a divine spark if you will, but it is there and can light the way to health.”

—Bernie Siegel, M.D.

Emerging full-force with a vision for life and purpose that has lit me up and called me to serve in much bigger ways than I ever planned, I am thrilled to be celebrating new beginnings.

Next month, I will be collaborating on a new project with my colleague Catherine Russell as “wellness revolutionaries,” sharing empowering approaches to optimal LIVING.

Using insights and knowledge gained from our own health journeys in combination with our training from leading hospitals’ mind-body programs, we are offering a new seminar series called “Inspired Wellness.”  The three-part series is designed to help relax your mind, open your heart and heal your body.

Whether you want to prevent illness or are dealing with stress, anxiety, worry, fear or a chronic health condition, we are offering three components to accelerate your journey to vibrant health:

 1.    Group Support for mind body approaches, which studies show can improve longevity and quality of life.

2.   Emotional Release Techniques for clearing blockages that can contribute to illness or disease.

3.    A Mental Diet of thoughts, beliefs and empowering words for creating a mindset for greater health.

At the forefront is our strong belief that we heal and thrive best in connection, particularly when led by others who model or can help us hold a vision for great health.

The “Inspired Wellness” three-part seminar will be held three consecutive Thursday evenings (Oct.9, Oct. 16 and Oct. 23), 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Buddhaful Souls Yoga Studio in Rowley, Mass.   Registration is done through the yoga studio by clicking here.

To receive a flyer with more information, please email GailJones@claimyourworthiness.com.

The seminar is focused on the mind, body, and spiritual components of healthy living versus disease or illness.

Like me, Catherine walked through a journey back to health.  She has recovered from early stage breast cancer and had a spontaneous healing from end stage metastatic cancer 14 years ago.  The amazing insights she has gained have helped hundreds reclaim life in new ways.  Catherine offers a profound approach to energy work where she helps clients create shifts into greater health.  She has taught at Tufts Medical School and has extensive training from some of the best mind-body programs, including U Mass Medical’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program for Health Professionals with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Barbara Brennan’s School of Healing.  You can learn more about Catherine at www.RadiantVision.com.

In addition to my 20-plus years coaching clients on creating new mindsets and teaching workshops (www.SupportMatters.com), I also will share knowledge gained from my three-month participation in The Mind Body Program for Cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital.

More details will follow in subsequent blogs, where we will be offering tips on living in wellness.

Wishing you all the excitement that comes with new beginnings—particularly at this gloriously vibrant time of year.




1.   I allow myself to believe in the ability to create my own wellness.

2.   I allow myself to thrive with the support of like-minded others.

3.    I allow myself to expand into new possibilities in all areas of my life.

 Our spontaneous trip (pictured above, Gail to the left/Catherine to the right) to see the amazing sunflowers at Colby Farm in Newbury, Mass., is a reminder of the field of joyful possibilities available to us all. 


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  • diane polley says:

    Sounds very exciting and fall is the perfect timing for these classes. I will pass the information on to anyone I know who may be interested.

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Thanks, Diane–appreciate your help in spreading the word. And, yes, fall is the perfect time to learn ways to step it up into greater health and wellness:)

  • Linda says:

    Congratulations, Gail, on this new partnership! It’s such necessary work the two of you will be bringing to others.

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Thanks, Linda: Yes, and it is feels so empowering to share our complementary skill sets serving others in wellness.

  • Andrea Quagenti says:

    Wow, sounds like an amazing seminar! Thanks for passing on your message and story. You’re such an inspiring coach. I hope to be able to attend 🙂

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Thanks, Andrea: I hope you can attend as well so you can experience the amazing work of my colleague, Catherine Russell, as well. She has many, many gifts and I am proud to be doing this work with her.

  • Andy Montone says:

    With all that is going on in our lives and in the world, quality of living seems to escape many of us. Your posts are refreshing and thought-provoking giving pause to what is really important. Keep up this amazing work. We all need your positive perspectives that can change a mood and brighten the day.

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Andy: Thank you for your thoughtful response to our blog. You are right–a positive perspective can enhance the quality of life, and bring joy to the wellness journey.

  • Alison says:

    Gail you have such a gift for helping others no matter what their life circumstance is. You bring authentic life experience and researched knowledge to helping others heal. Anyone who attends your workshop will truly benefit and can have a life changing experience.

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Thanks, Alison–As you know from your own work facilitating seminars, having lived what we teach brings an added dimension to the way we connect with clients. I am grateful you have found my workshops to be “a life changing experience.” Gail

  • Beth Scanzani says:

    This sounds fabulous, joyful and purposeful! I wish you both abundant success and fulfillment.

  • Dirk says:

    Sounds like you and she will make a great team, Gail. Sharing your life experiences with others in an impactful way has been your calling. I’m sure this new approach will have continued positive results.

    • Gail Kauranen Jones says:

      Thanks so much Dirk for your thoughtful words. Yes, the collaborative team approach is impactful and FUN! Gail

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