Welcome…to a new world

In this post, Gail unveils her new website, www.ClaimYourWorthiness.com, and shares coaching insights on integrating a greater sense of worthiness for maneuvering this new world.

“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


I welcome you with an open heart to Claim Your Worthiness.com, my new website and coaching platform, created to help you navigate a new world.

Life as we knew it before the pandemic arrived has changed. We must let go of the familiar and open ourselves to new possibilities, from a greater sense of love and worthiness.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza, a world-renowned neuroscientist with whom I trained, says: “From the unknown, all things are created.”

Start seeing yourself as a creator. Embrace the energy of this global awakening:

  • We are all in transition, adjusting to new ways of being in this evolving new world. There are specific stages of transition, which I’ve been teaching for more than 20 years (see my book, To Hell and Back: Healing Your Way Through Transition which can be purchased directly from me if it is sold out on Amazon, by emailing gailjones@claimyourworthiness.com).
  • We have been called inward in many ways—either through social distancing, how we spend our time, or changes in the way we work. Inward time is full of treasures if we stay open to hearing the messages we receive in stillness and quiet reflection.

Helping you integrate a strong foundation of worthiness during this precious introspective time is my mission, the reason I believe I was given a second chance to live.

From my own experiences, and by witnessing hundreds of clients tell their stories throughout the years, I have observed that one underlying cause of many stressors is a lack of worthiness.   For example, if you knew you were worthy, would you have settled for the person you married who you later divorced, or stayed for decades in an unfulfilling career or in a job where you were undervalued and underpaid?

To begin reclaiming your new life, and sense of worthiness, know this: You did nothing wrong. Our sense of worthiness comes from within, often from early subconscious, limiting beliefs formed during the first seven years of life.

Worthiness is not related to external status, titles or possessions. Some of the most “successful people” struggle with a lack of worthiness and inner fulfillment.  No one can give it to you, and it is not based on what you have, but rather on knowing who you are.

You must claim or reclaim worthiness yourself, which is often done best with a loving guide or witness.

I look forward to sharing within this blog many insights for living, loving, prospering and dreaming on all levels from a greater sense of worthiness.

Welcome aboard to Claim Your Worthiness. If you want to feel more a part of my new community, join my new Facebook page of the same name as my new website.

Let’s embrace the unfolding new world before us, from a love-based consciousness, rising together into the best versions of ourselves.  The world needs our light now more than ever.



I captured the above photo of the setting sun in Beauford, N.C., while taking in a day of play, as I began abundantly re-balancing my life with a greater sense of worthiness.

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