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I introduce this first post of mine with an invitation for you to join me in taking a new look at the way you direct your life.  I am passionate about helping you “become” the fullest expression of yourself by creating career, financial and relationship success, along with positive lifestyle changes.

I begin by stating upfront: I am not your typical “life coach.” Those who have experienced my work have described me as “a belief detective.”  By this, they refer to my ability to identity those subconscious beliefs which hold one back from achieving his or her goals and dreams.  In fact, the work I am doing is on the cutting-edge of defining a new paradigm of performance coaching through BELIEF TRANSFORMATION–where significant and lasting positive change can occur, usually more rapidly than with other “talking” approaches.

It is my heartfelt desire to teach you about YOUR power, and how it can be blocked or manifested by beliefs which you are not necessarily aware that you even hold.  Many of these beliefs, formed in the early years of life, often reside in the subconscious.

I intend to make our weekly journey together fun, as we delve below the surface a bit, and look within, to see which beliefs are holding you back and which ones serve you in creating and living the life of your dreams.

Having used belief-clearing tools in my private practice for nine years—long before more recent scientific evidence began touting the power of belief transformation—I have witnessed numerous clients achieve breakthroughs they could not attain with other modalities.  It is now known for example that by changing a belief, you can change your body chemistry.  You can also create new neural pathways in the brain that allow for you to manifest more fulfilling life stories, eliminating familiar patterns that no longer serve you well.

My passion for this “belief work” started years ago when I found, despite my best efforts, that I kept repeating undesirable choices in my previous career.  Therapy was great for insight, coaching helped me to take action steps forward, but there was still a missing piece.

It was only after researching and learning how to utilize tools for getting to the subconscious beliefs that had limited me in the past, that my life began shifting in the direction of my intentions.

I then started teaching others how to become their own belief detectives, and created within my practice a niche for transformation which is fun, challenging, highly collaborative and greatly satisfying.

To share my learning and the latest belief discoveries, I offer an enewsletter distributed the last Wednesday of each month.  You can subscribe on the home page of my website, www.SupportMatters.com.   It includes one brief article that illustrates a point, along with belief tips at the end which may help you to release your own internal saboteurs.

Within this blog, I will be writing shorter entries to illustrate a point about life change or reflection that helps us become more fully an expression of our authentic selves.  I also will give examples of others who I honor for the ways in which they serve the world .

I welcome your feedback and thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time to share my enthusiasm about my work with you.

With gratitude,



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  • Beth Shedd says:

    I will be looking forward to feeding my brain with your blog entries, Gail. The growth I have had from our office sessions continues to bring me joy each day. Heartfelt thanks for sharing your gifts with us. Beth

  • Gail, I, too, look forward to learning from your wisdom! Yahoo!

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