What is your grievance worth?

“You can’t hold on to a grievance and be happy.  Time to make a choice!” ~ Robert Holden

The power to choose is ours.

Sometimes we need gentle reminders of how very powerful we are, or the support of others in learning new ways to shift our focus.

We have all been hurt, betrayed, rejected, abandoned or disappointed by someone in our lives.

And, sometimes to make ourselves feel strong and in the illusion of control, we may hold on to a grievance, as if it gives us the upper hand.  Yet, “holding on” limits us in significant ways.

First of all, it keeps us focused on the wounding we feel versus on creating a new, empowering life beyond the pain.  We always have a choice:  to choose between love and fear (or pain).

Grievances held within our bodies and psyches can block attracting or deepening love relationships, making more money and even impact our physical health and emotional well-being.

Many of my clients have achieved their biggest breakthroughs by releasing grievances they initially did not even know they still carried.

Being lovingly witnessed with compassion, without judgment, helps a lot.  Then, setting clear intentions, from greater peace within, becomes even more powerful.

The impact on the body

Nine years ago after getting diagnosed with breast cancer, I lay on a table with a leading energy healer releasing tension from my body.  As he physically squeezed my legs, with tears streaming down my face, he asked:  “Are you willing to forgive those who have hurt you?”  Angry that I had been betrayed, I initially resisted. The anger wanted to win.  I thought clinging to this fiery emotion kept me strong.

He told me letting go of the hurt would help heal my body.

Two sessions later of having my body twisted into states of calm and joy I never experienced before, I began letting the grievances go.  I also practiced a forgiveness routine immediately after with those who hurt me that I now teach my clients.

My tumor significantly shrunk beyond its original size much to the surprise of my surgeon.  To learn more about using “energy as medicine” check out my doctor-endorsed book, Cancer as a Love Story: Developing the Mindset for Living.

I have since learned that releasing grievances also can help open our hearts and bank accounts in new ways.

As my friend and colleague, Dr. Gary Salyer, says: “You can have the grievance or have love.  You can’t have both.”

When we hold a grudge, we can also block prosperity, as our energy field around us becomes constricted.  To allow in more money, we need to be in a receptive mode.

Getting unstuck with the power of support

To help accelerate the process of releasing grievances, I am offering my first, online small group coaching class.  I will be leading a process, using an evidence-based energy psychology tool, to help participants collectively let go of the some of the hurts that have kept them blocked.

I will then help instill empowering new words to move participants forward in reclaiming a life of more joy, peace and unlimited possibilities.

Class size is limited to 12 participants to create a sacred space for a personalized experience of creating anew with positive support and innovative techniques.

Special price for this 90-minute online class is listed within the flyer.  I would love you to share, for together we are stronger. Sign up now, before Sept. 29th, and receive a free, private, 20-minute laser coaching session.

Details to register or get more information can be seen by clicking on flyer BELOW, and also by emailing gailjones@claimyourworthiness.com:


The benefits to you are plentiful.  As Deepak Chopra has said:

“You don’t need to be a Sufi master, or spend years of disciplined spiritual practice to get a taste of the miraculous.  All you need is a small group with a common intention.”

Let’s burst through some blocks together, with exquisite kindness and care, to claim our power to choose a new, uplifting story for ourselves.



Photographer friend, Sharon Spector, captured the above colorful photo of the pink flowers while walking in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  To see more of Sharon’s work, email sharingjoy@ymail.com.



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  • Lisa May says:

    Beautiful & so relevant, once again Gail! I love that you’re offering group coaching to help navigate the releasing process! I completely agree that when we choose to truly move through the refractory period of intense emotion(s), we allow clarity & love back in. Keep shining your light!

    • Gail Kauranen Jones (“Coach Gail Jones”—Your worthiness expert) says:

      Thanks, Lisa: It’s not easy to talk about “grievances” as they can trigger so much for people. Yet, when we release them, we do open our lives (and health) in new ways. When we are witnessed with love and compassion, the healing accelerates. I have customized several statements using my tool to help us collectively do this work together, and will be creating a safe space to do so. The power of being in a group is so helpful–especially during these times when most of us are seeking a greater sense of community. Much love and blessings, Gail

  • Laurie Gills says:

    This sounds incredibly empowering! Such negative emotions keep us stuck and can cause serious illness.
    You are truly such the healer, Gail!

    • Gail Kauranen Jones (“Coach Gail Jones”—Your worthiness expert) says:

      Thank you, Laurie. I chose to create the small group now because so many of us are more isolated than ever–and when we have too much time alone, we can more easily start dwelling on past or current hurts. The tool I use helps get the pain/trauma out of the body. And I want to help build community during these transitory times. Here’s a quote on BELONGING I’m using in my book in development, “Space for Grace.” I will also be sharing this quote in a future blog: “Definition of true community: When we don’t have to leave any part of ourselves behind in order to feel at ease in the presence of others.”by Rev. angel Kyodo Williams (and first name is a small a). Much love to you, and thanks for acknowledging my healing gifts. Gail

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