Gail has been a columnist for The Tri-Town Transcript, writing a twice monthly series she named, Transitions: The Gifts of Change. She is available to write for other publications, particularly about topics of transformation, life purpose, mid-life, and empowerment. She views her writing as a teaching tool, using everyday life challenges as opportunities for learning and growth.

Below are recent samples of her newspaper columns and newsletters:


Perfectly Imperfect 11/05/2010
Settling in With Stillness 10/22/2010
The Sounds of Life 10/1/2010
Endings: Gateways to New Beginnings 9/17/2010
Pulled by the Magic of Grace 8/20/2010
The Generosity of Living Large 8/06/2010
Victim or Victor – Choosing Your Lens 7/23/2010
Slowing Down to Summer Mode 7/09/2010
A Compassionate Retreat Inward 6/25/2010
The Certainty of Change 6/11/2010
The Many Faces of Life 5/28/2010
Betwixt and Between New and Old Love 5/14/2010
Dancing in Chaos 4/23/2010
Angels Abound in an Emergency 4/09/2010
Backtracking and Dreaming 3/26/2010
Across the Miles 2/19/2010
When the Tables Turn 1/29/2010
RE-ENGAGING WITH LIFE – The Waiting Period 1/16/2010
Relishing Peace 12/18/2009


Gail connects to the souls of her readers, clients and colleagues by spending time in deep reflection before writing her monthly newsletters, each of which is geared to share or teach a life lesson. She ends each newsletter with belief tips carefully selected to help effect change through continual repetition of the statements.

Many of her clients become inspired to tune into their own wisdom, using the newsletters as a tool to integrate the work of Gail’s one-on-one or group coaching.

To access the complete archive back to 2007, click here.

What Subscribers Love About Newsletter

April 2009 Issue

“Oh, I love this story about trust. Oprah should print it in her magazine. It resonates. It is beautiful.”
–Cynthia Thornton-Drost, recruiter

“Hi Gail, I just read your newsletter and your column! I truly feel honored to know you and to have you as my friend and co-journeyer! You are real, deep, inspiring, eloquent! I’m grateful to know you! Thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of us!”
— Lyndra Hearn Antonson, relationship coach

December 2008 Issue

“Your (Dec.) newsletter was deeply moving…perhaps the best one yet.”
–Dijana Winter, spiritual coach and counselor,

“You are such an eloquent writer…one wants to read what you write.”
–Kim Harty, executive director of YMCA

“Just a note to say thank you for the continued sharing of your insights, and to comment that if you can adhere to and accomplish half of the things that are on your bullet point list of what strength is, you would still emerge as what silk is to steel. That is, the far stronger of the two materials found in nature; perhaps not as useful in the skeletal structure of the mighty human monuments we build to ourselves like skyscrapers, but rather far more aesthetically pleasing, soft and gentle to the touch, and personally utilitarian in its role of melding form with function, not synthetically or artificially, but naturally.

That’s what I see in your words. The fortitude, beauty, flexibility, and daily utility of silk, not the cold, hard, rigid inflexibility of steel. Two very strong substances; with profoundly different applications of a similar attribute.”
–Gerry Hailer, WZLX radio listener

September 2008 Issue

“Beautiful thoughts, Gail, and beautifully expressed. I look forward to your message each month as I’m sure many people do. Congratulations on your breakthrough – humility really does have a profound affect on the soul.”
— Nancy Haverington, pastor

“Hello Gail, This piece is so beautifully written. It is as powerful as the writings of many of my heroes! (Wayne Dyer, Wallace Wattles, etc). In its current form or slightly edited, it would make a terrific column for the Globe, Oprah’s magazine, or any major publication.

You have obviously been in a very enlightened or connected state as of late. What a great place to be. If we could only be in that state all the time…I think the more we experience that place, the more it is available to us in trying times. Thanks for sharing your discoveries with us all.”
–Rich Sokolow, entrepreneur

“Everyone should have access to the brilliant writings of your newsletters. The world would be enriched through your wisdom and ability to direct others through life’s difficult challenges; boost others up to attain new levels of self-worth and accomplish their life’s purpose. We all need love, support and guidance and you do this so lovingly through your writings. May you continue to reach out and share your wealth of knowledge with others. Bravo, Gail!”
–Marj Elliott, interior designer