You can do it in 2014…an inspiring life turnaround story

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 “Every day offers miracles.  You can experience more of what you want to appear in your life when you take time to get very clear and specific about your dreams and goals.  You cannot skip the inner work of reframing your thoughts and beliefs if you want a new outcome.”

—Gail Kauranen Jones, life coach, belief change expert and author, Newburyport, MA

Recreating a life is much more than stating a New Year’s resolution or setting an intention.  Commitment, consistent action and daily vigilance of monitoring your thoughts and words are all required to create new results for your lives.

Sometimes, you need to shake things up a bit and do something different, like I did by moving to a new community last year.

Other times, you must stake a claim to clean up the past, and then do it.

I am honored today to share–with permission–a testimonial I received yesterday from a client, a courageous and motivated woman who turned her life around on every level:

“Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for Gail Jones.  A few short months ago, I contacted Gail as a ‘life coach,’ which I had only heard about on a talk show I had viewed, while shut in my apartment drinking myself to oblivion.  Somewhat reluctant and skeptical I called her and we met face-to-face.  Immediately I connected on a personal, professional and spiritual level.  I told her I was ‘in,’ primarily because I did not want my family to have to deal with the mess of me ending my life.

She had asked me to write a little about myself.  In short, I was a relapsed alcoholic, drinking to black out daily, had gained 40- plus pounds, working at a job where my ethics and values were compromised and I absolutely hated.  I had stopped exercising, did not enjoy life and had really felt that suicide was my best option. I had hit bottom. 

Gail asked me where I wanted to start, what did I want to focus on?  Each week, I talked and she listened and continually ‘reframed’ my thinking.  I was given valuable tools to help me sort the mess I thought I had made in my life.  Gail is intuitive, thought-provoking, and she provided resources and explanations, and always had a special way of making me feel like I mattered.  Each week I looked forward to our sessions and each week she was as flexible as were my moods and issues.  She exuded knowledge, wisdom, kindness, sincerity and a gentle, wise manner.  She made me feel safe, important and worthwhile. She was never at a loss for words that healed me.

Today, I accepted a new career position, which offers ‘everything’ that is important to me.  Today, I found out that at my fitness center, I was the number one ‘biggest loser’ in their weight loss competition.  I have not had a drink or drug and regularly attend AA meetings.  Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally when I first came to Gail I was completely void.  Today, I am happy, healthy, and value myself and others.  I truly believe that Gail Jones was put in my life and I will always be grateful to have met such a truly wonderful person.  My life has been transformed because of Gail’s ‘coaching.’

Thank you from the depth of my heart and soul.” — Cindy B., Boston, MA  12/30/13

It has been a privilege to witness my client’s growth, and a joy to receive such acknowledgment for serving as a vehicle of support as she continues to unfold into her highest potential.

Cindy succeeded, in part, because she built a team around her of others who held her accountable for achieving her goals.  She also took the actions necessary, from engaging in job searches to joining new groups that were in alignment with her dreams.

Furthermore, she attributes her turnaround to strengthening her faith, and trusting that by doing “her part” she would be supported.

New Year’s blessings to Cindy as she embarks on her new job…and to all of you, as you begin ushering in new dreams (or see old ones come true),


Gail’s photo of Joppa Park in Newburyport, Mass., pictured above, is a place of great beauty as connoted by the name.  For some, “Joppa” has been associated with miracles. 


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  • Deb Busser says:

    Very inspirational and what a testament to who YOU are, Gail. Happy 2014!

  • Donna Quinlan says:

    What an uplifting story! Congratulations to Cindy! And Gail…takes great coaching for someone to take such strides.

    • Gail says:

      Donna: Glad you felt uplifted by Cindy’s great successes. Coaching is a collaborative effort, and when someone is as motivated and diligent as Cindy real breakthroughs can occur. It is an honor to be a vehicle of support.

  • Linda says:

    Beautiful, Gail! You are a masterful coach and those who find themselves in your healing presence are so blessed.

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